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Magnetic Attractions

Wedding Invite... My cousin, Mr Minolta, is getting married and I think that this may be his wedding invitation, he’s a little fridge magnet crazy. I couldn’t find the RSVP button, so I stuck it on my Internet Fridge in the hopes that it has some kind of RFID tag that phones home on magnetic contact to let him know we are saving the date. I’m also blogging this on my “Funny Website” so that he may pick up our reply in his morning RSS Feed. We’ll probably send a few emails and if all else fails, I’ll Skype my Mom who will call her sister and who will probably see her daughter whom I’m sure will pass on the message to her brother who I know talks on a regular basis with my cousin, Mr Minolta! (Extra points for tracing that arc perfectly in the comments.)

I’m also pretty sure there are about 200 angry and confused off  NEW AMEX and VISA users at his local post office who got there brand new cards de-magnetized.

Roll Up the RRRIIIMMM to WIN!

It’s that time of the year again! Spend a $.55 on something you usually make yourself only to roll up a paper cup and be called a loser again!

Why go through this pain and torture? You might get another cup of coffee or even better a free doughnut. Tim Horton’s: Master Marketers!

Jacques & Dad Get Rushed to the NICU

Jacques is in the clear Friday night was not a very good night at all, the pediatrician came to see us in Denise’s room and told explained to us that Jacques had aspired some liquid from the delivery into his lungs and that his little body had spent the last two days fighting to expel it. In the process he worked himself up pretty badly and took in too much air. Because he was breathing in so much and not giving his body the time to exhale, some of the air in lungs had leaked into his chest cavity. This extra air was starting to create pressure around his lings and it his body was no longer able to get rid of it. Basically he was having suffering from something called a pneumothorax (the link takes you to a Wiki article). This was not very good at all. They had increased his oxygen level greatly to help him out but his body was now so tired from the marathon it had been running that it could no longer deal with what is essentially diving into the water after hyperventilating. He needed a lot more help than the Lakeshore could provide, our pediatrician was very good and he understood this early on, so he contacted the Montreal Children’s Hospital who found him a bed in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Jewish General Hospital. The Children’s also arranged for the transport.  So at 4:00 AM, they put Jacques inside a 100% pure Oxygen bag to stabilize the pressure in his chest and then rushed him downtown for what would likely be an intubation and  the insertion of a chest tube.


Jacques Battle – Day 1

Jacques Resting - Jan 30th Jacques had a rough night for his first night and he is trying to rest and build up some strength. It’s a lot of work for him to feed so the nurses inserted “Gavage” tube into his nose in order to get some food into his stomach and save him the effort of suckling away. The extra Oxygen helped him through the first half of the night, so they started to bring him down to room air to see if the saturation of oxygen in his blood would stay at 100% or very close to it. As he got closer and closer to room air (21% of O2) his breathing became harder and harder. So the doctors and nurses put him back on 40% O2 and eventually inserted and IV for antibiotics and fluids just as a precaution. The previous days fight to breathe on his own was catching up to him and now his lungs were having to run second marathon.

Courage mon petit Jacques, Courage!


It’s a Boy…. And Another Boy

Les Boys - 4 Minutes Old
Today we finally had our twins: And they’re Boys. Yup! Les Boys sont arrivés.

Frédéric Guillaume was born at 16h45 and weighed 7lbs even and Jacques Bernard was born only a minute later at 6lbs 3oz. Mum is doing very well and recovering nicely from the c-section. Freddy is feeding already and sleeping nicely next to me as I blog this while Jacques is spending a few extra minutes in the Easy-Bake Oven to make sure he works out this whole “Why’d you take me out of this nice warm place” issue.

I will blog more later… for now make sure you are on Flickr and have requested to be view my friends PhotoStream (just add me as your friend: Here are some of the pictures from the Set so far:

[UPDATE] And if you guys want to have a party in the comments please go ahead, we are checking the site often enough on the BlackBerry.

Scrubbed and Ready

Frederic Jacques


Fu! In the Year of the Ox!

Fu In the Year of The OX!

My partner at work got me this amazing Chinese calendar, which I have been twittering almost daily (follow @JohnnyCanuck) cause it’s just so damn funny. The calendar is from Hui Tack Wing Ginseng & Tea Inc and can be found in Montreal’s China Town. From what I can tell they are wishing every plenty of FU (luck, charm, prosperity: "all of the good things put together"). You might recall the 5 FU WA (mascots) from this summer’s Olympics. They are the babies of FU.

Gong Xi Fa Chai / Kung Hei Fat Choi

Have a great Year of the Ox!


Moved by the Music

Jules turned 40 last night, and we had a great party at the French Canadian House. As usual I took far too many pictures, but this one stood out as it kind of reminds me of the painting "The Scream". Join us on Flickr to view the full, make sure you mark me as your firend to see them all.

New Roof for Valois Bay

New Roof for Valois bay It took a while to get there but the Roofers finally showed up to put the new roof up on Valois Bay today. It’s took a while to get the goods unloaded and the Skip setup but once the boys with the ladders arrived and started stripping off half the roof it was amazing how quickly things got underway. So they are doing the top section today and tomorrow they will be finishing up the main section of the roof.

The goods arrive The arrival of the Skip
Stripping the old roof Bare Wood...
The Roofers at Work



Chloé and I attended the Pointe-Claire Remembrance Parade with her Brownie troop today. I reminded her that I have been attending the same parade as her since I was her age. First in the Beavers, then Cubs, then Scouts and then with the Air Cadets where I played the base drum. Today was the best parade yet because I got to share it with her.

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