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Living Room RTA, Call the CAA!

Living Room RTA, Call the CAA!

Every once in a while things get a little crazy in our living room. Just this week, there was an incident involving this sports car and a train. After taking a breath test, we can confirm that the driver of this sports car had in fact just finish a full 8 oz bottle of full fat milk… He currently resting comfortably with his mother.

Unfortunately, the train was derailed and took out an entire Little People Farm and several innocent stuffed animals. The train conductor was able to crawl away from the incident without any injuries. It is believed that the conductor’s crawling condition preempted the accident. Doctors believe he will be able to walk without any special therapy withing 2 to 4 months.

Les Boys are 10 Months Old

Les Boys are now 10 months old.

Freddy - 10 Months

Freddy weighs about 30lbs and can now crawl about 4 feet in front of him but only if there is a doughnut waiting for him, even if it is just a toy one. He can sit himself up and although he still prefers to roll or slide backwards he’s really solid and strong when he does get himself moving. Everything in its time with this guy, but if you’re late but will he let you know.

Jacques - 10 Months

Jacques be nimble, Jacques be quick… Jacques be into absolutely anything.  This little rocket is crawling circles around his brother and will even try to steal the odd plastic doughnut from him. He’s cheeky, curious and always happy to be around his sisters and brother. Sure he still weighs about 5 pounds less than Freddy, but he’s just about as tall and eats as much too.

Also this little guys can totally stand up now!

Look What I Can Do

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Getting ready to head home in few hours. We had had a wonderful time and the most glorious weather. Thanks to all in Blighty for reminding of how great this place is and why it was so difficult to leave all those years ago.

We’ll mis you all and you’re all welcome to came and visit the Great White North so we can repay the most generous Hospitality.

Les Boys in Blighty

Tweeting with Les Boys

Tweeting with Les Boys

So we’ve been in Sunny Bournemouth for a couple of days now but Les Boys are still not accustomed to GMT. So we were up till about 1 AM Twittering and browsing through the new Facebook Lite. We’ll post some more pictures a little later, the weather is great and I’ve managed to drive the VW around town without any head collisions or turn right into oncoming traffic.

BTW if you want to use Facebook Lite: and are in the UK or Canada, you going to have to start spelling like a moron and drop your U’s and start using Z everywhere an S sounds hard as in: Colorize instead of the proper Colourise.

Chillin Down in Goose Rocks


We spent a week down in Goose Rocks Beach in Maine, hanging out with the family and hunting for critters on the beach. This little guy was far too small to eat but boy was he a lot of fun to catch. Some of the critters didn’t even need catching this little dragon fly just tag along for the ride and pretty much hung out with us all day.

Tagging Along for the Ride

Click on on through to the Flickr set to see more. Some pictures are for Friends & Family only so make sure you sign for a free Flickr account and I’ll give you access.

Thanks Nan!

Thanks Nan!

Sadly it’s time to say goodbye to Nanny and Great Grand Dad Fred. We don’t know what we would have done without them over the last 6 months. Having twins is not very easy, even for a Super Mom and Fat Dad duo like ours. There is no way to repay the generous time put into to the late nights, early mornings, washing cloth diapers, cooking dinner, helping with Chloe her homework, school pick ups, rocking crying babies to sleep, consoling crying preschoolers and 8yr olds, putting up with the Big Game three nights a week, doing the groceries, running errands, warming bottles, sterilizing pacifiers(dummies/suces) and putting up with all the other stuff that goes on in our Magill Shoe house.

As Chloe would put it: “Nanny You Rock!”


Les Boys @ 3 Months

Tirer le lion par la queue Jacques is reaching for and grabbing things and of course putting them in his mouth. This is  very very amusing for us. He now weighs 10 and half pounds and spends a lot of time a wake keeping an eye on all of us.

Morning Safari Frédéric is piling on the pounds at almost 15 lbs and has also started taking swipes at the poor safari animals above his pram. He’s got good lungs and won’t hold back from telling Denise off when she’s a few minutes late with the feed.

Sadly our guests are soon leaving and Life with Twins will surely get exciting. Fred and Sandra have been  such great help over the last 6 months, the house might not be any quieter but it will definitely fell very empty. We will surely miss them as we sip our last few cool pints on the deck.

Denise and GrandDad



We went for a walk to the park with Les Boys during the magical hour where the light just does some awesome stuff and makes almsot all pictures fantastic.

We also these guys hanging out in our local pool.Valois Pool Ducks

Les Boys @ 8 Weeks Old

Les Boys are now 8 weeks old, 2 months old exactly! They had their two month check and are in perfect health.

IMGP6119 Frédéric is now 12 lbs and 1/2 an ounce and 57.5 cm long

Jacques chillin in the yard!

Jacques is now 9 lbs and 55.5cm long.

Damn Vandals of Valois Bay!

Damn Vandals
The squirrels in my yard in the biggest suburban terrorist threat around, even the raccoonsFat on Compost are afraid of them. We thought we would find the missing cover when the snow melted a little. Boy!  Were we wrong. Also I discovered that we need another composter to get us through the long winter. Preferably one with a heavier lid or a lock. Look at this guy he is so fat on broccolli stems and potato peels that he’s not even looking at the new feeder.