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Photo-Crooz with Les Boys

Croozing the Lakeshore
The weather was fantastic this weekend and Sunday was particularly sunny. I’ve been itching to get out on the bike for most of the summer and when Les Boys started to get a little restless, I packed’em into the Croozer, hitched it up and went for a very leisure stroll along Pointe-Claire’s Bord-du-Lac. Of Course I wasn’t wearing nearly enough spandex and lycra to meet the Lakeshore Sunday Cyclists Standards, but my cargo shorts and my vans did just fine and Les Boys looked fantastic in their Marvel T’s.
1,2,3,4,5,6,7... Violette en Bicyclette


Les Boys Cruise The Beach

Freddy of SurfBania Cap St-Jacques Dundee We took Les Boys to the Cap St-Jacques beach this Saturday and they really loved it. The whole family had a great time and if ever you looking for something to do on a sunny day in Montreal, this beach is a great little urban getaway. The beach has a very low gradual shelving so 25 meters out your still only waste deep. The sand is pretty soft and the lake bed is made up mostly of clay so it can feel a little funny underfoot, but it’s great for your skin. In fact many of the kids and women where applying the clay as mud packs for there legs and bellies. Funny enough no one was applying it to their face.
Cap St-Jacques

Les Boys au Parc!

Frederic Jacques

Eric and I took the kids down to the parc while Chloe was with her tutor. After getting Les Boys bundled up and making sure their little monkey hats were pulled down tight over their ears, I grabbed the camera bag and a full cup of coffee and headed of to meet Eric. SwingsThe girls had a great time plying on the swings and in the sandbox.Even in their snow suits, the sand is irresitable. Eric even managed to take some stunning macros pics with his point and shoot. We were both kind of questionning if this was even possible without and Aperture setting, but Eric powers of figuring out small Gadgets proved the theory possible.


So this is the stunner he took:

Canon Point and Shoot DoFAnd this is the shot I took with my Pentax K200d in RAW with my manual 70-200mm Macro Zoom lens.

Ok so you can see that both shots have some and impressively shallow Depth of Field. Of course my shot was taken in RAW sor the colour capture is a little more vibrant and I was able to control the exposure a little better. But in truth, Eric’s shot is awesome and his composition using the Rule of Thirds is very impressive. So it just goes to show the camera does not make the shot, it’s still up to the eye.

On a seperate note, I am very proud to announce that Eric has officially joined the crew and has already submitted his first article. Please take the time to read it here and have a party in his Comments.

Trick or Treating in Valois

Halloween Trick or TreatingWe hit the streets of Valois tonight and scored us some CANDY!!! Seriously, the girls and their cousin Aria went Trick or Treating around our neighbourhood and we saw some pretty scary house as well as some pretty impressive pumpkins and decoration. I must admit that one of my favorites was this Iron Man pumpkinHalloween Trick or Treating. We ran into loads of friends on our travels and the girls were very good about going up one side of the street and then back down the other. Some of the house had really gone to town with the decoration. At one house the girls even had to go through an obstacle course of scary tunnels to get their loot. Armed with their little LED flashlights they all made it through without any fuss.  The girls scored way more candy than they can eat before Christmas and 

Junior Mints

I’m afraid that some of the really good stuff like the Coffee Crisp might just become subject to a Dad Tax.  As I was going through the bags of candy, checking for nasties as well as stuff I might just have to keep “cause it looks a little suspicious” I did come across the littlest box of Junior Mints. I never would have even looked twice at it if it wasn’t for iJustine’s infatuation with the little chocolates.

Pumpkin Carving 2008

Pumpkin Carving  with the GirlsWe finally managed to get ourselves a pumpkin, these two were form the market in Pointe-Claire Village. The girls drew the faces themsleves and although I cut out Madeleines pumpkin for her, she did scoop out all the “Boogers” from inside of it. Chloe wouldn’t even touch the insides but she did design and cut out the face herself.

Dad getting stuck in!

We should have more pictures online tomorrow of the girls in their costumes.

Hockey Night In Canada – The Republic of Peach entry

The CBC embedded Flash has been removed because of issue in the way that the CBC was embedding their flash player. To hear Mike’s version of the Hocky Night in Canada song go to his MySpace page.


Make sure you vote up Mikey and The Republic of Peach for their entry in the Hockey Night in Canada Anthem Challenge.

Forgot to post the link to vote

Running Shrimp!

And now for something completely ridiculous!

Mike Fortier & Eeve was Framed @ Cafe Campus

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Mike Fortier & Eeve was Framed was playing at the Cafe Campus in Montreal tonight. You can check out the pics here

Mike opened up the show with The Republic of Peach and with four of his original compositions. They all rocked, I especially liked City Centre. Hoping to get some audio of it on the site.

During the second set he sang lead vocals with Eeve was Framed, I’ll get some pics of that up soon. For now this is a video of Mike and the rest of Eeve was Framed making the video for Bunny.

Chloe’s Spring Ballet Class ’08

Every year, about a month before the Annual Ballet Show, the parents are invited to watch a ballet class and see the progress the dancers have made throughout the year. As usual, we either run out of batteries or leave one of the cameras at home. We still haven’t upgraded from the 8mm PAL Sony HandyCam we got at our wedding so we take these terrible videos from phones or the still camera. Of course there is no zoom and we we don’t sit in the best position to take the video in the first place so the results are in the movie you see above.

With all that in mind let me tell you what you will see above. Chloe and her friends are dancing some basic moves. The teacher, Catherine, calls out exercises and the girls and boys carrying them out to an accompanying piano. There are three separate sequences in this video, the second one is the sequence three of the dancers had to perform for the Royal Ballet exam they attended during the week. It was fun to see how much Chloe has progressed this year, she really enjoys the annual show but her classical ballet skills have really improved this year. We are very proud of her and although you can’t really tell from the video quality she is dancing really well. Bravo! Chloe Bravo!

Obsessive Compulsive Recycler

If my friend Steph was a chick, this would be him!