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Hockey Night In Canada – The Republic of Peach entry

The CBC embedded Flash has been removed because of issue in the way that the CBC was embedding their flash player. To hear Mike’s version of the Hocky Night in Canada song go to his MySpace page.


Make sure you vote up Mikey and The Republic of Peach for their entry in the Hockey Night in Canada Anthem Challenge.

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Sitting on my Deck on Valois Bay

Sitting on my Deck on Valois Bay

This is my raised patio project that I decided to take on this year as well as the Wendy House. 2009 will be a little too hectic for new projects so I’m trying to squeeze any major work before the end of the fall rather than scramble year or pay over the top to get someone else to do it.

This floating deck is a raised patio resting on 12 paving slabs and using no metal decking hardware, only screws and a bit of glue were used. The wood is pressure treated and come from and area that was cleared for a Hydro Quebec project. I first discovered this lumber at Home Depot but it now appears to be an ever more popular alternate and LOCAL source of lumber. Just to make my buddy Steph happy, we used 994 galvanized screws, the power used to drive the screws also came from Hydro Quebec!

Paul McCartney sur les Plaines d’Abraham

So I’m watching the Paul McCartney sur les Plaines d’Abraham concert in Quebec City with my cousin who has flown in from France via Sweeden (as you do) and we thought we should post the set list before we forgot what was played.

The Paul McCartney playlist

Baby you can drive my car

All my loving

got to get you into my life
//talking about having fun tonight
let me roll it
//at the piano quebec quebec quebec
C Moon
My love
//dedicated to Linda
Let ‘em in
Fine Line
The long and winding road
//on the Mandolin
Dance Tonight
//back on the acoustic
Calico Skies
I’ll follow the sun
My Michelle
Mrs Vandebilt
//thanks the crowd and compliements the City of Quebec
Eleanor Rigby
//on the ukelele a Gibson from George Harrison
//on the base again and now dedicates the next one to John Lennon
A day in the life / Give peace a chance (medley)
Good day sunshine
Too Many People
She Came In Through the Bathroom Window
Penny Lane
//thanks the back of the 200 000 strong crowd
Band on the run
They say it’s your birthday
//bonne fete Quebec
Back in the U.S.S.R.
I’ve got a feeling
//at the piano again
Live and let die
Let it be
//S.V.P. Chantez avec moi
Hey Jude

// he takes a bow with the band and heads off stage… The crowd wants an encore

//He runs back onstage with a very large Quebec flag! Waving it frantically
//Ah Quebec je t’aime!!!
//then heads to the piano

Lady Madonna
//on the base again
Get Back
//Do you want to get back?
I saw her standing there

//the band take another bow
//Merci beaucoup

//And he is back on with an acoustic guitar and a big blue QUEBEC jumper!
// And the band comes back on stage
but the pay per view cut us short! (I want a refund)

And that is all folks

Hope you all enjoyed the show!

Thank you to Sir Paul for making your Quebec show sucha great one.

The Wendyhouse: Fortier Estate Expands

So we managed to get the Wendyhouse finished in time for when the girls got back from England. We still have to paint some of the trim, but the girls have moved in already.

I have included a slide show of the construction process. I will post some more photos of the girls playing inside in the next few weeks.

The Wendy House
View the slide show on Flickr

wiki: Wood


I have been doing a lot research on this stuff over the last couple of weeks, in a few short day you’ll see why. Stay Tuned for more Wood

Comic form

Montréal’s 15e Mondiale de la Bière: Beer Tastic!

So last night was the opening of Montreal 15th annual beer fest, la Mondiale de la Bière, and I manage to catch the train into town after work to do some serious sampling with a co-worker Nick.

First of all the train ride in is always pretty cool, you hop on and in less than 20 minutes you are smack in the middle on Montreal. The train pulls up right outside the Bell Centre which is literally sitting on top of the Old Windsor Station platforms. The mondial itself was being held inside the station and spilling out into La Place du Centenaire which is where I would stand everyday to board the train home as a school boy. All this to say that is make it the ideal location to taste the worlds finest Ales, Stouts, Porters, Bitters, IPAs and the odd Lager!

So here it the set list for the evening:

1) WIESEN EDEL WEISSE @ 6,2% from Le Petit Pub
2) LOULOU PORTER À L’ÉRABLE @ 8% from Hopfenstark
3) MCAUSLAN SCOTHCH ALE @ 8% from Les Brasseries McAuslan -Thanks Margo! ;)
4) FULLER’S ESB BITTER @ 5,9% from Société Commerciale Clément International
5) DOGFISH HEAD 90 MINUTE IPA @ 9% from Le Petit Pub
6) BORÉALE CUIVRÉE @ 6,9% from Les Brasseries du Nord
7) BIÈRE DU 15E ANNIVERSAIRE DOUBLE TRIPLE @ 10-12% from Les Brasseries Dieu du Ciel
8) STOUT IMPÉRIAL @ 7,5% from la Barberie
10) I bailed…

If the slide show does not load you can view the set on Flickr

No you only get 125ml (4 oz) or so of every beer unless the brew master thinks you are worthy of more or he is finishing off a bottle. But you the beer you are drinking is also a lot stronger, we were trying stuff between 6% and 12% which is fine for taste and the occasional pint. I don’t think I ever drink 90 Minute IPA all night. On the train ride home, I was thinking that if that had been drinking full pints of this stuff on an English Pub Crawl through the Dorset Coastal Paths between Christchurch and Swannage, we would have made it onto the Poole Chain Ferry.

The train ride was a very wise idea and if you decide to make it down to the Beer Fest make sure to get the Souvenir tasting mug!

And Yeah! I did label this as SCIENCE, after all I did take Chemistry of Beer Making in College, pretty much majored in beer tasting in University and did a Masters in Pub Crawl and Real Ales whilst living in England.

Live Blogging Hansel and Gretel in the Park

The girls are in this years production of Hansel and Gretel at Strewart Hall today.

Chloe’s Spring Ballet Class ’08

Every year, about a month before the Annual Ballet Show, the parents are invited to watch a ballet class and see the progress the dancers have made throughout the year. As usual, we either run out of batteries or leave one of the cameras at home. We still haven’t upgraded from the 8mm PAL Sony HandyCam we got at our wedding so we take these terrible videos from phones or the still camera. Of course there is no zoom and we we don’t sit in the best position to take the video in the first place so the results are in the movie you see above.

With all that in mind let me tell you what you will see above. Chloe and her friends are dancing some basic moves. The teacher, Catherine, calls out exercises and the girls and boys carrying them out to an accompanying piano. There are three separate sequences in this video, the second one is the sequence three of the dancers had to perform for the Royal Ballet exam they attended during the week. It was fun to see how much Chloe has progressed this year, she really enjoys the annual show but her classical ballet skills have really improved this year. We are very proud of her and although you can’t really tell from the video quality she is dancing really well. Bravo! Chloe Bravo!

It All Starts with the Danish

I have very few little pleasure in my life. You know those little things that you treat yourself that you make you feel good all day long. My one little pleasure that really makes my work day is when I treat myself to Tim Horton’s coffee and cherry danish. I personally consider coffee to be my fuel through the work day, but whenever I really want that little extra touch, I get my self a cherry danish.

Well today I had the shock of my life when I ask for a cherry danish to go with my large 2X milk and they gave me the one in the above picture. It’s no longer a moist well wrapped ample serving of cherry and cheese filling. Instead, the pastry is hard, the cherry and cheese filling look like they have been rationed, and they haphazardly covered it with some icing sugar. SIGH…

This is the what they used to serve up (it’s the one on the top):