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Lachine PhotoWalk

Jan 20th 2009, President Barack Obama Takes Office Went on a photowalk down by the Lachine Canal yesterday at lunch with The Burg. We both got some ecellent shots. But the one thing that really surprised me was how two people can have completely different views of the same sunject and same walk.


Ville-Marie vue de Hogwarts

Ville-Marie vue de Hogwarts

Nestled on the side on Mount Royal in the heart of La Ville Marie that we call Montreal is this magical architechtural mashup that has now become know as the Royal Victoria Hospital.

The buildings have long been part of the McGill Univeristy grounds and never get more of glance from the regular patrons of the Pericval Molson Stadium, home of the Allouettes. Most have only ever seen the emergency entrance or the birthing centre. How did you even know that the hospital has it’s own outdoor pool? Or that Harry Potteresque turning staircases unite almost all of it’s buildings. Even the doctors who work there refer to it as Hogwarts, they even employ little men with beards to sit in certain corners and point lost souls in the right direction. Throughout the pregnancy of the twins we have had some pretty amazing adventures on these grounds and met some truly wonderful parents to be, some students doctors whom we wish will hold to their their empathy and some very very patient nurses.

Next time your in Montreal, go to the top of the mountain and then look down and think about how busy it gets in those tall glass building and remeber that all of that life start right here on this very hill.

This picture is made up from 7 shots taken from my Pentax k200d set to the Mountain setting with the Focal length set and 18mm,
Aperture set to f/11.0
ISO 100
Exposure Bias -2.0
Flash did not fire (it’s always funny to say that out loud)
Metering Mode Matrix

It was stitched together effortlessly on my work’s Dell (MacBook left at home) with Photoshop CS3′s File>Automate>Photemerge built in feature.The resulting image was 65 Megapixels and once composed, it was was then merged, flattened, cropped, resized and jpg’d. The only adjustment done was Photoshop’s auto level.

I hope you enjoy my entry for another great weekly project in the 2009 in Photos group.



This picture was part of my DoF in your Environment set that I went out to shoot at the park with the girls today. As usual, I was sticking the lens in everyone’s nose leaning over climbing frames and kneeling won next to slides and and other parc apparatus. The light was pretty good for a Saturday and the girls didn’t seem to mind the -20C weather. It was the first time either of them had been allowed to play outside all week. The schools won’t let them out when it’s too cold, fear of frostbitten white noses and fingers kind of brings that on. Well Dad doesn’t always know best, but I knew if didn’t take them out to the parc, it wouldn’t be the cold that would kill’em… :)

In our family, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. So I bundled them up like Michelin Men and gave Mum some peace for a little while. We stayed out almost an hour. And they loved it!

Chasing Light!

Chasing Light!This was my entire day: Me Chasing Light.

I woke up to late to catch the sunrise.
I got my daughter to the bus stop too late to snap a good picture of her before she went to school.
I wasn’t able to drive by the lake or the airport runway in my way to work because I picked Danishes for the crew at work.
I missed all the good light play on the ice just before lunch.
I spent far too long fiddling with a projector before my afternoon presentation and got out of the office about 5 minutes too late to get any really cool purple pics of the sun setting.

In short I chased light all day and ended up with a nice picture of a tree and a glimpse of fleeting light.

Tomorrow I try harder…  Unless the twins decide to show up.

Ice Fog on the St-Laurent

Ice Fog on the St-Laurent

We had are last appointment downtown at the Hospital today before the twins are born, as it’s 30 below freezing in Canadian Money and the Sun is Shinning I had to bring the camera. Montreal Cabbis Have made a DecisionAnd I was all set to pick on of these from downtown. I especially liked the Cabbies view on Montreal, anyone ever having driven downtown would know why.

However as I was dropping Mrs LeCanuck back at the house, I saw a hint of this Ice Fog and had to follow it down to get a better look. Just goes to show that even on a cold day like today, when your bristles freeze to your nose, you can still grab a nice shot.

I like the way the light plays with the ice in the fore front of the picture. And feel free to check out the “30 Below” set and see what a hard decision is was to make.

Gratuitous Beaver Shots

Beaver Swimming in RdP OK OK, sorry for the sensational headline, but it was trully a bonus to find a beaver swimming in the Riviere des Prairie behind the College Gerald Godin last weekend. I wasn’t sure how these would turn out but I grabbed the new Pentax K200D and my trusty old 80-200 and grabbed some pretty nice pics of our Castor canadensis having a lovely soak and doing a little fishing of his own.

IMGP0781.JPG Beaver Swim

After snapping away for about 20 shots I turned around and make my way up the hill and join the rest of the family, I spotted this little mallard sitting all by herself grooming and trying to stay warm.  Montreal MallardMontreal Mallard

What a great day out.

Les Petites Notes au Collège Gérald-Godin

Chloe Chante

Chloé et Les Petites Notes de l’École Primaire Pointe-Claire ont traité les partisans de la Foire de Noël à un merveilleux concert de Noël cette après-midi au Collège Gérald Godin. Deux représentation ont été offerte, une à l’intérieur avec leurs belles chemises blanches, et leurs jupes rouges et pantalons noirs.

Chloe et Thomas

Si vous aimez les photos et voulez télécharger une copie en pleine résolution, n’hésitez pas à nous laisser une note dans les commentaires.

Paul McCartney sur les Plaines d’Abraham

So I’m watching the Paul McCartney sur les Plaines d’Abraham concert in Quebec City with my cousin who has flown in from France via Sweeden (as you do) and we thought we should post the set list before we forgot what was played.

The Paul McCartney playlist

Baby you can drive my car

All my loving

got to get you into my life
//talking about having fun tonight
let me roll it
//at the piano quebec quebec quebec
C Moon
My love
//dedicated to Linda
Let ‘em in
Fine Line
The long and winding road
//on the Mandolin
Dance Tonight
//back on the acoustic
Calico Skies
I’ll follow the sun
My Michelle
Mrs Vandebilt
//thanks the crowd and compliements the City of Quebec
Eleanor Rigby
//on the ukelele a Gibson from George Harrison
//on the base again and now dedicates the next one to John Lennon
A day in the life / Give peace a chance (medley)
Good day sunshine
Too Many People
She Came In Through the Bathroom Window
Penny Lane
//thanks the back of the 200 000 strong crowd
Band on the run
They say it’s your birthday
//bonne fete Quebec
Back in the U.S.S.R.
I’ve got a feeling
//at the piano again
Live and let die
Let it be
//S.V.P. Chantez avec moi
Hey Jude

// he takes a bow with the band and heads off stage… The crowd wants an encore

//He runs back onstage with a very large Quebec flag! Waving it frantically
//Ah Quebec je t’aime!!!
//then heads to the piano

Lady Madonna
//on the base again
Get Back
//Do you want to get back?
I saw her standing there

//the band take another bow
//Merci beaucoup

//And he is back on with an acoustic guitar and a big blue QUEBEC jumper!
// And the band comes back on stage
but the pay per view cut us short! (I want a refund)

And that is all folks

Hope you all enjoyed the show!

Thank you to Sir Paul for making your Quebec show sucha great one.

Mike Fortier & Eeve was Framed @ Cafe Campus

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Mike Fortier & Eeve was Framed was playing at the Cafe Campus in Montreal tonight. You can check out the pics here

Mike opened up the show with The Republic of Peach and with four of his original compositions. They all rocked, I especially liked City Centre. Hoping to get some audio of it on the site.

During the second set he sang lead vocals with Eeve was Framed, I’ll get some pics of that up soon. For now this is a video of Mike and the rest of Eeve was Framed making the video for Bunny.

New CSS Layout

Ok so I have finally finished the new CSS layout. Man this was a lot of work. I know it looks a little web2.0′ish but this is actual version 5.0 of the site since we started the site in 1999. I am pretty excited about this one and we are now using quite a bit of Classic ASP and we’ll be introducing some AJAX in the new photo albums. It’s all really exciting stuff so I hope you keep us in your RSS bookmark.