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Valois Bay

Valois Bay Panoramas

Valois Bay Fall Panoramas
I was reading a Scott Kelby book on Safari online books and in one of the chapters he talks extensively about Adobe’s Photomerge feature. A feature I’ve been using for a while but it wasn’t until I read Scott’s book that I realised I have been missing out on a great trick.

Damn Vandals of Valois Bay!

Damn Vandals
The squirrels in my yard in the biggest suburban terrorist threat around, even the raccoonsFat on Compost are afraid of them. We thought we would find the missing cover when the snow melted a little. Boy!  Were we wrong. Also I discovered that we need another composter to get us through the long winter. Preferably one with a heavier lid or a lock. Look at this guy he is so fat on broccolli stems and potato peels that he’s not even looking at the new feeder.

New Roof for Valois Bay

New Roof for Valois bay It took a while to get there but the Roofers finally showed up to put the new roof up on Valois Bay today. It’s took a while to get the goods unloaded and the Skip setup but once the boys with the ladders arrived and started stripping off half the roof it was amazing how quickly things got underway. So they are doing the top section today and tomorrow they will be finishing up the main section of the roof.

The goods arrive The arrival of the Skip
Stripping the old roof Bare Wood...
The Roofers at Work

Trick or Treating in Valois

Halloween Trick or TreatingWe hit the streets of Valois tonight and scored us some CANDY!!! Seriously, the girls and their cousin Aria went Trick or Treating around our neighbourhood and we saw some pretty scary house as well as some pretty impressive pumpkins and decoration. I must admit that one of my favorites was this Iron Man pumpkinHalloween Trick or Treating. We ran into loads of friends on our travels and the girls were very good about going up one side of the street and then back down the other. Some of the house had really gone to town with the decoration. At one house the girls even had to go through an obstacle course of scary tunnels to get their loot. Armed with their little LED flashlights they all made it through without any fuss.  The girls scored way more candy than they can eat before Christmas and 

Junior Mints

I’m afraid that some of the really good stuff like the Coffee Crisp might just become subject to a Dad Tax.  As I was going through the bags of candy, checking for nasties as well as stuff I might just have to keep “cause it looks a little suspicious” I did come across the littlest box of Junior Mints. I never would have even looked twice at it if it wasn’t for iJustine’s infatuation with the little chocolates.

New Lodgers on Valois Bay

When we woke up Wednesday day we had some new lodgers at the house. So in looked into it with The Great White North rental board and if we don’t evict them soon, they could claim squatters rights. We had removed another nest only a few days earlier using work gloves but they came back. This time we just used our hands. Our wretched “Human” stench should keep them away this time.

I was really impressed with the quality of work these birds did in a short amount of time.


So the girls have a snow day which is just as well because we got dumped with 40cm over the past couple of days. Madeleine has had an asthma episode so I'm working from home in case Denise needs to take her back to the doctor's. Problem is we can't even get out of our own driveway as you can see.

Also have a look at this snow pile across the street, isn't that just insane. It's higher than the street signs. And the snow is now at the same level as the office window. Guess I'll be working lunch with a shovel. At one point I'm either going to have find the lens to my glasses that I lost on the driveway or head out to the Mall and get some glasses cause my back ups are so bad it's like looking through frosted windows and I can't wear my contacts to look at the laptop screen for very long. It's still not as bad as when I had a CRT, but it's not ideal when you work in web development.

Sam across the street lent us his big scoop which is basically a 2 foot square shovel you can only push. Well we managed to clear the driveway and get the cars started. As they say: “Mon pays ce n’est pas un pays, c’est l’hiver!”

There Goes The Property Valuation

OK So I completely Chevy Chase out and got an 8 foot tall inflatable Frosty the Snowman for the front yard. This thing has got to be the biggest piece of bling/kitch/chintz I have ever bought and it even lights up at night too. I do have a few other other lights around the door and railings, but I have to be careful this year as we only have 100 amps coming into the house. Who knows next year I might go all Tim Taylor à la Home Improvement and put a landing strip on the roof for the Reindeer.

That is still one of my favourite episodes/