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Stereo Maddy See

Stereo Maddy MC

To the left
To the right,
Step it up, step it up

The girls worked on their balance training this week in their skiing lessons, which means they needed to hold their arms out a lot and even ski on just one ski.  Things most of us seasoned skiers would really struggle with, yet these little bundles of energy just see it as a game and excel at them with such ease.

The title and lyrics are from the late 90′s hit Step it Up! by Stereo MC on their album Connected.

Ready, Steady, GO!


Ninjas Ski as They Please

Ninjas Ski as They Please

The girls and I love to go skiing and on the way up we tend to listen to either some Gilles Vigneault’s Un Dimanche à Kyoto, The High School Musical 3 sound track or my personal favourite the Barenaked Ladies kids album SnackTime. This week we made our way up to Vallée Bleue listening to Snacktime so it became the soundtrack in my to my whole ski day.

When I saw “Thing 1″ get off the chairlift, all I could think of was Ninjas.  Stylish blond Ninjas, but still Ninjas!

The lyrics to the song are truly awesome:

I woke up this morning and everything was different
Something was strange in the air
I woke up this morning and everything was different
I knew that the Ninjas had been there

I looked all around my bedroom
Underneath the dresser
Behind the bed, but nothing could be found
There was nothing left behind them
No way that I could find them
No fingerprints or crumbs on the ground.

The Ninjas are deadly and silent
They’re also unspeakably violent
They speak Japaneses; do whatever they please,
And sometimes they vacation in Ireland.

The Ninjas are deadly and silent
They’re also unspeakably violent
They speak Japanese; do whatever they please,
And if you tear off their masks, they’ll be smiling.

Special Thanks to Gracenote  for not letting me copy these lyrics and force me to relisten to the song on repeat (many many many times) in order to post them here and possibly give the Barenaked Ladies a better mention. (#WhenDRMKillsMarketing&FairUse)
NOTE: Gracenote does not get a free link or tag due to their obvious “suckage” in this matter.

Ski Sunday with Glyn and the Girls

We took Glyn skiing on Sunday. While the girls had their lessons, Glyn got to work out his quads on Vallée Bleue’s intermediate run: Seneca. My buddy, the surfer boy, did really well! Madeleine however is still struggling with gravity and smiling.

Hot Chocolate at the Chateau Goyer

As posh as it sounds, Chateau Goyer is the café at Cap St-Jacques were you can enjoy some cocoa after an afternoon ski. The place is fantastic in that is basically looks like the Griffindor Common room (Harry Potter ref).

We had a great afternoon and Chloé managed to ski 4km. Her skiing is getting much better and her glide has really improved. The best part of it all is that she really enjoys the time we’re spending outside.

New Ski Swag

I just got some new Swag from work today and for once it's one of the coolest tech/sport pieces I have goptten over the past few years. As you can surely tell it's 1.5L bladder bag and a few extra pockets for a first aid kit, wax gear, glasses, a sweater, and some snacks.

Guess I'll have to test it out his weekend at on Le Castor at Cap St-Jacques.

Kids Cross Country Ski Tips

Chloe and I have been doing a lot of Cross Country Skiing this week. Chloe is really starting to enjoy it, she is pretty strong on her skis but also has picked up on the whole sense of adventure that goes hand in hand with the sport. Tonight after work we are heading into the garden with our head lamps to track snow hares. Cool huh!

We'll I've been reading the MEC Web site a lot more and it's got some really good tips on keeping kids excited in outdoor winter sports:

One of my faves is this one:

  • If you attach a small section of climbing skin to the middle of their skis it will prevent the ski from sliding backward on slight inclines. It also prevents the ski from accelerating too quickly if your child attempts a daring descent.

I have enough trouble myself getting a good duck walk for going up hills. This tip will surely avoid plenty of headaches and tears.