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Valois Bay Panoramas

Valois Bay Fall Panoramas
I was reading a Scott Kelby book on Safari online books and in one of the chapters he talks extensively about Adobe’s Photomerge feature. A feature I’ve been using for a while but it wasn’t until I read Scott’s book that I realised I have been missing out on a great trick.

Paul McCartney sur les Plaines d’Abraham

So I’m watching the Paul McCartney sur les Plaines d’Abraham concert in Quebec City with my cousin who has flown in from France via Sweeden (as you do) and we thought we should post the set list before we forgot what was played.

The Paul McCartney playlist

Baby you can drive my car

All my loving

got to get you into my life
//talking about having fun tonight
let me roll it
//at the piano quebec quebec quebec
C Moon
My love
//dedicated to Linda
Let ‘em in
Fine Line
The long and winding road
//on the Mandolin
Dance Tonight
//back on the acoustic
Calico Skies
I’ll follow the sun
My Michelle
Mrs Vandebilt
//thanks the crowd and compliements the City of Quebec
Eleanor Rigby
//on the ukelele a Gibson from George Harrison
//on the base again and now dedicates the next one to John Lennon
A day in the life / Give peace a chance (medley)
Good day sunshine
Too Many People
She Came In Through the Bathroom Window
Penny Lane
//thanks the back of the 200 000 strong crowd
Band on the run
They say it’s your birthday
//bonne fete Quebec
Back in the U.S.S.R.
I’ve got a feeling
//at the piano again
Live and let die
Let it be
//S.V.P. Chantez avec moi
Hey Jude

// he takes a bow with the band and heads off stage… The crowd wants an encore

//He runs back onstage with a very large Quebec flag! Waving it frantically
//Ah Quebec je t’aime!!!
//then heads to the piano

Lady Madonna
//on the base again
Get Back
//Do you want to get back?
I saw her standing there

//the band take another bow
//Merci beaucoup

//And he is back on with an acoustic guitar and a big blue QUEBEC jumper!
// And the band comes back on stage
but the pay per view cut us short! (I want a refund)

And that is all folks

Hope you all enjoyed the show!

Thank you to Sir Paul for making your Quebec show sucha great one.