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Rock Climbing

Bloody Hands and Threading the Needle

On Top of the Needle

It’s been about 9 or 10 years since I chalked up my hands and laced up the old Boreale booties and tried to haul my aging butt up anything steeper than than a 5.4. Yet the harness is still in great shape and the booties still fit, and as chalk is already about 1000 years old, applying it lavishly to my sweaty palm felt as fresh as I when broke in the ball all those years ago on Poke-O-Moonshine.


Chloe Turns 8 Steps all over 9

We went rock climbing for Chloe’s eighth birthday party and one of the walls had number holds running up the wall from 0 to 9, once you got to the top you could toot a horn to show everyone you made it.

If the slide show does not load you can view the set on Flickr

Rock Climbing with Chloé and her Freinds.

The second instructor never showed up at Patricia's rock climbing party. Luckily I had brought my harness and accreditation card with me so I helped the kids with their climbing. Chloé is a lot easier to belay the Brian but probably needs as much coaching ;-) . In the end the kids had a blast and it was fun watch them go.