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Living Room RTA, Call the CAA!

Living Room RTA, Call the CAA!

Every once in a while things get a little crazy in our living room. Just this week, there was an incident involving this sports car and a train. After taking a breath test, we can confirm that the driver of this sports car had in fact just finish a full 8 oz bottle of full fat milk… He currently resting comfortably with his mother.

Unfortunately, the train was derailed and took out an entire Little People Farm and several innocent stuffed animals. The train conductor was able to crawl away from the incident without any injuries. It is believed that the conductor’s crawling condition preempted the accident. Doctors believe he will be able to walk without any special therapy withing 2 to 4 months.

I Dunno, Whattya Wanna Do?

I Dunno, Whattya wanna do?

Les Boys are a month old today, OK 4 weeks to be precise! And they are having a blast with the rest of the family. But every once in while they just look at each other and appear to be having a conversation. In my mind this is how it goes:

J: I dunno! Whattya want to do?
F: How ’bout we hit up the milk bar again!
J: What? Again! No wonder you’re so big.
F: I’m just big boned!

Maybe it’s just the lack of sleep.