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Chloe Turns 8 Steps all over 9

We went rock climbing for Chloe’s eighth birthday party and one of the walls had number holds running up the wall from 0 to 9, once you got to the top you could toot a horn to show everyone you made it.

If the slide show does not load you can view the set on Flickr

Montréal’s 15e Mondiale de la Bière: Beer Tastic!

So last night was the opening of Montreal 15th annual beer fest, la Mondiale de la Bière, and I manage to catch the train into town after work to do some serious sampling with a co-worker Nick.

First of all the train ride in is always pretty cool, you hop on and in less than 20 minutes you are smack in the middle on Montreal. The train pulls up right outside the Bell Centre which is literally sitting on top of the Old Windsor Station platforms. The mondial itself was being held inside the station and spilling out into La Place du Centenaire which is where I would stand everyday to board the train home as a school boy. All this to say that is make it the ideal location to taste the worlds finest Ales, Stouts, Porters, Bitters, IPAs and the odd Lager!

So here it the set list for the evening:

1) WIESEN EDEL WEISSE @ 6,2% from Le Petit Pub
2) LOULOU PORTER À L’ÉRABLE @ 8% from Hopfenstark
3) MCAUSLAN SCOTHCH ALE @ 8% from Les Brasseries McAuslan -Thanks Margo! ;)
4) FULLER’S ESB BITTER @ 5,9% from Société Commerciale Clément International
5) DOGFISH HEAD 90 MINUTE IPA @ 9% from Le Petit Pub
6) BORÉALE CUIVRÉE @ 6,9% from Les Brasseries du Nord
7) BIÈRE DU 15E ANNIVERSAIRE DOUBLE TRIPLE @ 10-12% from Les Brasseries Dieu du Ciel
8) STOUT IMPÉRIAL @ 7,5% from la Barberie
10) I bailed…

If the slide show does not load you can view the set on Flickr

No you only get 125ml (4 oz) or so of every beer unless the brew master thinks you are worthy of more or he is finishing off a bottle. But you the beer you are drinking is also a lot stronger, we were trying stuff between 6% and 12% which is fine for taste and the occasional pint. I don’t think I ever drink 90 Minute IPA all night. On the train ride home, I was thinking that if that had been drinking full pints of this stuff on an English Pub Crawl through the Dorset Coastal Paths between Christchurch and Swannage, we would have made it onto the Poole Chain Ferry.

The train ride was a very wise idea and if you decide to make it down to the Beer Fest make sure to get the Souvenir tasting mug!

And Yeah! I did label this as SCIENCE, after all I did take Chemistry of Beer Making in College, pretty much majored in beer tasting in University and did a Masters in Pub Crawl and Real Ales whilst living in England.

New Lodgers on Valois Bay

When we woke up Wednesday day we had some new lodgers at the house. So in looked into it with The Great White North rental board and if we don’t evict them soon, they could claim squatters rights. We had removed another nest only a few days earlier using work gloves but they came back. This time we just used our hands. Our wretched “Human” stench should keep them away this time.

I was really impressed with the quality of work these birds did in a short amount of time.

Sidney to Eat Wings

My Down-East buddy Pat, lives near Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia, home of Sid the Kid. Needless to say the community is really rallying behind the Penguins right now as they get ready to take on the Detroit Red Wings in the Stanley Cup Finals.

So Pat was driving around the area taking pictures of the new “Cole Harbour – Home of Sidney Crosby” signs, complete with the little #87 pucks, when he saw the above sign at the local Lake Loon driving range and sports bar.

Just a note the Cole Harbour signs are great signs and actually quite tasteful. I don’t remember the Guy Lafleur signs ever being so slick.

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Running Shrimp!

And now for something completely ridiculous!

Obsessive Compulsive Recycler

If my friend Steph was a chick, this would be him!

Polar Bear Club

My nephew Stefan and his friend Tom have staying with us for the past couple of weeks, tonight Tom decided to have a Snow Bath. Something even Glyn couldn’t manage to pull off. Next time make sure to dive into some soft snow Tom!

Happy 1 <3 U Day!

This is so weird it’s funny!

Gong Xi Fa Chai: It’s the year of the Rat!

Happy Year of the Rat everyone!!!

X-treme Luge at the Golf Course

So we went to the Golf Course this afternoon for some sledding. Eric and I decided to try out the Luge that we picked up at the Eco-Centre this fall.

Hope you all laugh as hard as we did.