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Live Blogging Hansel and Gretel in the Park

The girls are in this years production of Hansel and Gretel at Strewart Hall today.

New Lodgers on Valois Bay

When we woke up Wednesday day we had some new lodgers at the house. So in looked into it with The Great White North rental board and if we don’t evict them soon, they could claim squatters rights. We had removed another nest only a few days earlier using work gloves but they came back. This time we just used our hands. Our wretched “Human” stench should keep them away this time.

I was really impressed with the quality of work these birds did in a short amount of time.

Mike Fortier & Eeve was Framed @ Cafe Campus

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Mike Fortier & Eeve was Framed was playing at the Cafe Campus in Montreal tonight. You can check out the pics here

Mike opened up the show with The Republic of Peach and with four of his original compositions. They all rocked, I especially liked City Centre. Hoping to get some audio of it on the site.

During the second set he sang lead vocals with Eeve was Framed, I’ll get some pics of that up soon. For now this is a video of Mike and the rest of Eeve was Framed making the video for Bunny.

Chloe’s Spring Ballet Class ’08

Every year, about a month before the Annual Ballet Show, the parents are invited to watch a ballet class and see the progress the dancers have made throughout the year. As usual, we either run out of batteries or leave one of the cameras at home. We still haven’t upgraded from the 8mm PAL Sony HandyCam we got at our wedding so we take these terrible videos from phones or the still camera. Of course there is no zoom and we we don’t sit in the best position to take the video in the first place so the results are in the movie you see above.

With all that in mind let me tell you what you will see above. Chloe and her friends are dancing some basic moves. The teacher, Catherine, calls out exercises and the girls and boys carrying them out to an accompanying piano. There are three separate sequences in this video, the second one is the sequence three of the dancers had to perform for the Royal Ballet exam they attended during the week. It was fun to see how much Chloe has progressed this year, she really enjoys the annual show but her classical ballet skills have really improved this year. We are very proud of her and although you can’t really tell from the video quality she is dancing really well. Bravo! Chloe Bravo!

Ice Fishing on the Lac des Deux Montagnes in Rigaud

We were inviting to do some Ice Fishing on lake in front of Patsy’s House in Hudson. Bill and Nicole Cameron were excellent hosts and with some fantastic fishing, fun quad rides and some excellent sledding. Special thanks to Eric and Patsy for organising this for us.

Ski Sunday with Glyn and the Girls

We took Glyn skiing on Sunday. While the girls had their lessons, Glyn got to work out his quads on Vallée Bleue’s intermediate run: Seneca. My buddy, the surfer boy, did really well! Madeleine however is still struggling with gravity and smiling.

Pancake Tuesday

Yay! It's piggy piggy time.

Hot Chocolate at the Chateau Goyer

As posh as it sounds, Chateau Goyer is the café at Cap St-Jacques were you can enjoy some cocoa after an afternoon ski. The place is fantastic in that is basically looks like the Griffindor Common room (Harry Potter ref).

We had a great afternoon and Chloé managed to ski 4km. Her skiing is getting much better and her glide has really improved. The best part of it all is that she really enjoys the time we’re spending outside.

I’d like you to Meet Ben

I’d like you all to meet my nephew Benoit Charles Pollock. He was born on the 18th of December 2007 and weighed only 7 lbs 9 oz.  Cute little guy huh!  And have you seen all the hair?

SnowBall Fight!!!

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We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year