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Go Josiah Go!

Go J Go

A fellow photog and mac addict, Stephen Hackett, of ForkBombr fame has been going through a pretty tough year! His son Josiah, who is just over a year old has been fighting a brain tumor. He’s such a remarkable little guy, and even though I don’t Stephen and his family personally, Josiah’s story has really touched me and I’ve been rooting for his progress from up here in Montreal. Just about 9 months ago, our little monkey above had his own scare at birth, so Josiah’s hit pretty close to home.

I’ve been wanting to take this shot for a while, but tonight little cousin Eddie’s visit was just the right setting for the pic.

Two Wheels!

Pink Rider! The weather was awesome on Sunday and the girls got to ride their bikes in the Parking lot across the street. As you can see, Chloé colour coordinated her ensemble for the occasion and without  knowing it, Madeleine managed to get her jacket and helmet to match up as well getting her hoodie to match her boots. This summer should be a lot more fun on the bikes, Madeleine is getting pretty strong at kick starting the peddling, Chloé has finally mastered the foot and handbrake and is even getting into skids, Denise will be able to cycle again this as she’s back in her jeans and not pregnant. All we need to do now is put our hands on a used Chariot so we can get Les Boys in tow. Our current LittleTykes buggy is just too heavy and not very comfy for such young babies.  Anybody feeling generous?

Helping Hands

As usual, friends and family can view the full set on Flickr. If you’re not on my Friends list, just add JohnnyLeCanuck to your contact list.


Jacques & Dad Get Rushed to the NICU

Jacques is in the clear Friday night was not a very good night at all, the pediatrician came to see us in Denise’s room and told explained to us that Jacques had aspired some liquid from the delivery into his lungs and that his little body had spent the last two days fighting to expel it. In the process he worked himself up pretty badly and took in too much air. Because he was breathing in so much and not giving his body the time to exhale, some of the air in lungs had leaked into his chest cavity. This extra air was starting to create pressure around his lings and it his body was no longer able to get rid of it. Basically he was having suffering from something called a pneumothorax (the link takes you to a Wiki article). This was not very good at all. They had increased his oxygen level greatly to help him out but his body was now so tired from the marathon it had been running that it could no longer deal with what is essentially diving into the water after hyperventilating. He needed a lot more help than the Lakeshore could provide, our pediatrician was very good and he understood this early on, so he contacted the Montreal Children’s Hospital who found him a bed in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Jewish General Hospital. The Children’s also arranged for the transport.  So at 4:00 AM, they put Jacques inside a 100% pure Oxygen bag to stabilize the pressure in his chest and then rushed him downtown for what would likely be an intubation and  the insertion of a chest tube.


Ville-Marie vue de Hogwarts

Ville-Marie vue de Hogwarts

Nestled on the side on Mount Royal in the heart of La Ville Marie that we call Montreal is this magical architechtural mashup that has now become know as the Royal Victoria Hospital.

The buildings have long been part of the McGill Univeristy grounds and never get more of glance from the regular patrons of the Pericval Molson Stadium, home of the Allouettes. Most have only ever seen the emergency entrance or the birthing centre. How did you even know that the hospital has it’s own outdoor pool? Or that Harry Potteresque turning staircases unite almost all of it’s buildings. Even the doctors who work there refer to it as Hogwarts, they even employ little men with beards to sit in certain corners and point lost souls in the right direction. Throughout the pregnancy of the twins we have had some pretty amazing adventures on these grounds and met some truly wonderful parents to be, some students doctors whom we wish will hold to their their empathy and some very very patient nurses.

Next time your in Montreal, go to the top of the mountain and then look down and think about how busy it gets in those tall glass building and remeber that all of that life start right here on this very hill.

This picture is made up from 7 shots taken from my Pentax k200d set to the Mountain setting with the Focal length set and 18mm,
Aperture set to f/11.0
ISO 100
Exposure Bias -2.0
Flash did not fire (it’s always funny to say that out loud)
Metering Mode Matrix

It was stitched together effortlessly on my work’s Dell (MacBook left at home) with Photoshop CS3′s File>Automate>Photemerge built in feature.The resulting image was 65 Megapixels and once composed, it was was then merged, flattened, cropped, resized and jpg’d. The only adjustment done was Photoshop’s auto level.

I hope you enjoy my entry for another great weekly project in the 2009 in Photos group.

No New Kings

No New Kings

It’s the Epiphany today, Feast of Kings, and at one point we thought we might be welcoming a few kings or queens into the family early. Turns out it was a false alarm. The top numbers are the heart beats and the strength of the contractions in Kpa

Gratuitous Beaver Shots

Beaver Swimming in RdP OK OK, sorry for the sensational headline, but it was trully a bonus to find a beaver swimming in the Riviere des Prairie behind the College Gerald Godin last weekend. I wasn’t sure how these would turn out but I grabbed the new Pentax K200D and my trusty old 80-200 and grabbed some pretty nice pics of our Castor canadensis having a lovely soak and doing a little fishing of his own.

IMGP0781.JPG Beaver Swim

After snapping away for about 20 shots I turned around and make my way up the hill and join the rest of the family, I spotted this little mallard sitting all by herself grooming and trying to stay warm.  Montreal MallardMontreal Mallard

What a great day out.

Autumn Walk in the Ile-Bizard Nature Parc

Ile Bizzard Marsh Walk

We went for a family walk in the Ile-Bizrd Nature Park. The weather was gorgeous and the ducks were out in their full glory. I took all these shots with the Samsung point and shoot I got from Xmas party draw a few years back. I had to play around with them a bit in iPhoto to tweak some of the exposure and temperature settings in order to make these photos look as much as what we saw with out eyes on the day. I didn’t really have a choice in the camera, our nice Fuji S5000 died of a fatal zoom error on our summer camping trip. We have been debating on whether to make the jump to full DSLR, but the I’m afraid the click through rate will have to go up quite a bit if I’m going to make any decision before the twins are born.

Hope you like the Photos! You can visit any of Montreal’s Nature Parks throughout the year. We bought a parking pass for cross country skiing at Cap St-Jacques which allows us to visit and park at any of the sites for free.

Chloe’s Courage are 2008 U8F Soccer Champions

Courage U8F Champions 2008

Chloe and the girl’s of the Carolina Courage are the 2008 Under 8 Female Champions. The game was a nail biter against three of her very good friends on the New York Power: Elise, Patricia and Elizabeth. As John Motson would say: “In the end it’s a game of two halves and their has to be a winner and a loser, and today, the better team won.” The game could have gone either one, but half way through the first half, Gabby riccochet’ed a roller off of a few blue shin pads before rolling past the goalie and finding the back of a the net. The second half was fought with passion and grit as both teams struggled to find the net. Gabby, Jenny, Carmen and Paige all had great shots and Elisabteh and Kaninna (apologies for spelling) put up some solid defensive moves and were able to shut down the strong Courage offence. As the ref blew the final whislte, the Courage bench was cleared and the celebrations ensued.

More pictures to come…

Chloe Turns 8 Steps all over 9

We went rock climbing for Chloe’s eighth birthday party and one of the walls had number holds running up the wall from 0 to 9, once you got to the top you could toot a horn to show everyone you made it.

If the slide show does not load you can view the set on Flickr

Ben and Me Hanging Out at the Pool

Ben and Me
Originally uploaded by JohnnyLeCanuck

I love hanging out with this little guy, he is so cool and the chicks really dig him too.