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Hey You! Get Into My Car!

Hey 'Sup? Yeah it's my ride.

Hey 'Sup Dawg? Yeah it's my ride.

We went to a birthday party at a friend’s house this weekend and Les Boys really took to the red Little Tykes car that you have all surely seen in most backyards and day care centres across North America. But Freddy was having so much in the car that I just had to take some pics. Jacques on the other hand just slid right out of it and decided to have no more of it for the rest of day.

There are a few more pics right after this:



Moved by the Music

Jules turned 40 last night, and we had a great party at the French Canadian House. As usual I took far too many pictures, but this one stood out as it kind of reminds me of the painting "The Scream". Join us on Flickr to view the full, make sure you mark me as your firend to see them all.

Happy Birthday Chloé

Cake a GrandMaman's House