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Stereo Maddy See

Stereo Maddy MC

To the left
To the right,
Step it up, step it up

The girls worked on their balance training this week in their skiing lessons, which means they needed to hold their arms out a lot and even ski on just one ski.  Things most of us seasoned skiers would really struggle with, yet these little bundles of energy just see it as a game and excel at them with such ease.

The title and lyrics are from the late 90′s hit Step it Up! by Stereo MC on their album Connected.

Ready, Steady, GO!


  • Schultzter

    Should we assume the branch in her helmet was intentional – or did you leave out the line in the song that goes “TTT RR E E E E E E E E E E E E E E ! ! ! !”

  • JohnnyLeCanuck

    I'll have you know that those are Northern Warrior Pine Feathers bestowed upon her by the skiing deities for her awesome prowess.