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Les Boys are 10 Months Old

Les Boys are now 10 months old.

Freddy - 10 Months

Freddy weighs about 30lbs and can now crawl about 4 feet in front of him but only if there is a doughnut waiting for him, even if it is just a toy one. He can sit himself up and although he still prefers to roll or slide backwards he’s really solid and strong when he does get himself moving. Everything in its time with this guy, but if you’re late but will he let you know.

Jacques - 10 Months

Jacques be nimble, Jacques be quick… Jacques be into absolutely anything.  This little rocket is crawling circles around his brother and will even try to steal the odd plastic doughnut from him. He’s cheeky, curious and always happy to be around his sisters and brother. Sure he still weighs about 5 pounds less than Freddy, but he’s just about as tall and eats as much too.

Also this little guys can totally stand up now!

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