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Valois Bay Panoramas

Valois Bay Fall Panoramas
I was reading a Scott Kelby book on Safari online books and in one of the chapters he talks extensively about Adobe’s Photomerge feature. A feature I’ve been using for a while but it wasn’t until I read Scott’s book that I realised I have been missing out on a great trick.

You see when you usually take a series of shots for a panorama, you take them in landscape, it’s natural the camera is already on it’s wide axis so you won’t have to take as many shots. And most people will only ever use the 55mm default camera setting. And truth be told you get a pretty good shot as you can see above.
Valois Bay Fall Panoramas
However what you don’t realise is that since your stitching the shots together you can take and many shot as you like. So why not take your panorama’s in Portrait frame, pull that zoom all the way back to 18mm and get and totally different perspective. A tall panorama, like the one above. It’s something else you can try out.

And before all the landscape critics pipe in, I know that I broke Ansel Adams rule of only shooting landscapes at dusk or dawn, but in all honesty the clouds were doing soem super freaky stuff last night on the way home and I wanted to practice some HDR shots. For the record that is not going as well as my panorama shots.