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Photo-Crooz with Les Boys

Croozing the Lakeshore
The weather was fantastic this weekend and Sunday was particularly sunny. I’ve been itching to get out on the bike for most of the summer and when Les Boys started to get a little restless, I packed’em into the Croozer, hitched it up and went for a very leisure stroll along Pointe-Claire’s Bord-du-Lac. Of Course I wasn’t wearing nearly enough spandex and lycra to meet the Lakeshore Sunday Cyclists Standards, but my cargo shorts and my vans did just fine and Les Boys looked fantastic in their Marvel T’s.
1,2,3,4,5,6,7... Violette en Bicyclette

Stopping Occasionally for the odd photo op, we managed to stay out for a about 2 hours. The one thing I will never get used when hanging out with these two studs is how much attention twins get, even at 20 Km/h on busy streets they turn heads and cause a stir. We some some pretty cool things and had a blast. Here are some the pics I took. To see more of this weekend’s photos click on over the the Flickr Photostream, remember that you won’t have access to all the photos unless you’re one of my Flickr contacts. So make you add me: “JohnnyLeCanuck


St Joachim, l'ancêtre du Père


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