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September, 2009:

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Getting ready to head home in few hours. We had had a wonderful time and the most glorious weather. Thanks to all in Blighty for reminding of how great this place is and why it was so difficult to leave all those years ago.

We’ll mis you all and you’re all welcome to came and visit the Great White North so we can repay the most generous Hospitality.

Les Boys in Blighty

Tweeting with Les Boys

Tweeting with Les Boys

So we’ve been in Sunny Bournemouth for a couple of days now but Les Boys are still not accustomed to GMT. So we were up till about 1 AM Twittering and browsing through the new Facebook Lite. We’ll post some more pictures a little later, the weather is great and I’ve managed to drive the VW around town without any head collisions or turn right into oncoming traffic.

BTW if you want to use Facebook Lite: and are in the UK or Canada, you going to have to start spelling like a moron and drop your U’s and start using Z everywhere an S sounds hard as in: Colorize instead of the proper Colourise.

Photo-Crooz with Les Boys

Croozing the Lakeshore
The weather was fantastic this weekend and Sunday was particularly sunny. I’ve been itching to get out on the bike for most of the summer and when Les Boys started to get a little restless, I packed’em into the Croozer, hitched it up and went for a very leisure stroll along Pointe-Claire’s Bord-du-Lac. Of Course I wasn’t wearing nearly enough spandex and lycra to meet the Lakeshore Sunday Cyclists Standards, but my cargo shorts and my vans did just fine and Les Boys looked fantastic in their Marvel T’s.
1,2,3,4,5,6,7... Violette en Bicyclette


Says the Spider to the Wasp

Says the Spider to the Wasp
We have a lot wasps around the house this time of year. It just a good think that we also have quite a few spiders to tackle the issue head on with us. Now I only wish those dragonflies would come back and help take care of the mosquitoes.