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Chillin Down in Goose Rocks


We spent a week down in Goose Rocks Beach in Maine, hanging out with the family and hunting for critters on the beach. This little guy was far too small to eat but boy was he a lot of fun to catch. Some of the critters didn’t even need catching this little dragon fly just tag along for the ride and pretty much hung out with us all day.

Tagging Along for the Ride

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  • Schultzter

    Lobsters usually live at the bottom of the ocean – they don’t come on to the beach. Are you sure some kid wasn’t having you on with a remote control lobster? Are you going to be featured on the next edition of Punk’d?!

  • Francois Fortier

    Actually when they’re this size, they like to shy away under the rocks in warmer tidal pools chomping on sea urchins, soft shelled crabs and stubby 7 year old toes.