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Possion d’Avril Papa! – April Fools Day Dad!

Krasse - Poisson d'Avril

Chloé made me breakfast today, she insisted that we get up real early so that I enjoy a healthy well balanced breakfast. Well she got me. I must admit her Photoshop skills are really coming along…

Here is the translation ot the label:

Krasse – Crassy

Moumoutte huileuse – Oily Hair Piece
Beurre de cheveux Gras – Oily hair butter
Peut contenir des pellicules ou des poils de moustache  – May contain dandruff and mustache hairs.

Yup she’s good!


She got me again in my lunch.

Ça m'plait pis  c'est dégeu

Ça m'plait pis  c'est dégeu