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April, 2009:

Les Boys @ 3 Months

Tirer le lion par la queue Jacques is reaching for and grabbing things and of course putting them in his mouth. This is  very very amusing for us. He now weighs 10 and half pounds and spends a lot of time a wake keeping an eye on all of us.

Morning Safari Frédéric is piling on the pounds at almost 15 lbs and has also started taking swipes at the poor safari animals above his pram. He’s got good lungs and won’t hold back from telling Denise off when she’s a few minutes late with the feed.

Sadly our guests are soon leaving and Life with Twins will surely get exciting. Fred and Sandra have been  such great help over the last 6 months, the house might not be any quieter but it will definitely fell very empty. We will surely miss them as we sip our last few cool pints on the deck.

Denise and GrandDad



We went for a walk to the park with Les Boys during the magical hour where the light just does some awesome stuff and makes almsot all pictures fantastic.

We also these guys hanging out in our local pool.Valois Pool Ducks

Possion d’Avril Papa! – April Fools Day Dad!

Krasse - Poisson d'Avril

Chloé made me breakfast today, she insisted that we get up real early so that I enjoy a healthy well balanced breakfast. Well she got me. I must admit her Photoshop skills are really coming along…

Here is the translation ot the label:

Krasse – Crassy

Moumoutte huileuse – Oily Hair Piece
Beurre de cheveux Gras – Oily hair butter
Peut contenir des pellicules ou des poils de moustache  – May contain dandruff and mustache hairs.

Yup she’s good!


She got me again in my lunch.

Ça m'plait pis  c'est dégeu

Ça m'plait pis  c'est dégeu