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Damn Vandals of Valois Bay!

Damn Vandals
The squirrels in my yard in the biggest suburban terrorist threat around, even the raccoonsFat on Compost are afraid of them. We thought we would find the missing cover when the snow melted a little. Boy!  Were we wrong. Also I discovered that we need another composter to get us through the long winter. Preferably one with a heavier lid or a lock. Look at this guy he is so fat on broccolli stems and potato peels that he’s not even looking at the new feeder.

  • Schultzter

    This is why I only put my cover on once winter sets in and the bandits are hibernating. The raccoons take the cover off and toss it aside, the squirrels eat through the plastic, and the skunks dig underneath. Once the weather warms up and the critters come out again I take the cover off. That way if they want something they can go in and get it without destroying the composter and making a mess!

    Also, without a cover on I can more easily toss stuff in and I don’t worry about being greeted by a family of skunks having dinner.