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February, 2009:

Bounced Light and Banana Muffins

One of the best parts of having newborns in the house in the shear amount of baked goods enter our kitchen in lovely tins and Tupperware tubs and then leaving again in my lunch bag as I head to work. These are Jack Johnson Banana Muffins, it’s not his recipe but every time I eat them I want to drink coffee and listen to Jack Johnson.

Picture notes:
I have been playing around with bounced light and my manual lenses again. This was taken with the 50mm 2-22 prime lens for my K1000 (works very well with the K200d)
100 ISO
And the flash was bouncing on the side wall of my office at 45degrees up and 60degrees to the left.
I still hate my on board flash and find the external one fiddly. But I am learning to take better shots. Also because I like the pointers Taximom gives me on my flash use, there was no processing done on this at all, however I did import it into Adobe Bridge in CS3 on my work Dell and not Aperture on the MacBook.

I Dunno, Whattya Wanna Do?

I Dunno, Whattya wanna do?

Les Boys are a month old today, OK 4 weeks to be precise! And they are having a blast with the rest of the family. But every once in while they just look at each other and appear to be having a conversation. In my mind this is how it goes:

J: I dunno! Whattya want to do?
F: How ’bout we hit up the milk bar again!
J: What? Again! No wonder you’re so big.
F: I’m just big boned!

Maybe it’s just the lack of sleep.

Roll Up the RRRIIIMMM to WIN!

It’s that time of the year again! Spend a $.55 on something you usually make yourself only to roll up a paper cup and be called a loser again!

Why go through this pain and torture? You might get another cup of coffee or even better a free doughnut. Tim Horton’s: Master Marketers!