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Jacques Battle – Day 1

Jacques Resting - Jan 30th Jacques had a rough night for his first night and he is trying to rest and build up some strength. It’s a lot of work for him to feed so the nurses inserted “Gavage” tube into his nose in order to get some food into his stomach and save him the effort of suckling away. The extra Oxygen helped him through the first half of the night, so they started to bring him down to room air to see if the saturation of oxygen in his blood would stay at 100% or very close to it. As he got closer and closer to room air (21% of O2) his breathing became harder and harder. So the doctors and nurses put him back on 40% O2 and eventually inserted and IV for antibiotics and fluids just as a precaution. The previous days fight to breathe on his own was catching up to him and now his lungs were having to run second marathon.

Courage mon petit Jacques, Courage!

Freddy's Bath

Frédéric had a better night, he has start to feed well although it felt more like he was just snacking for us. He had a lot of visitors Freddys Baththroughout the day. The GrandParents and aunties and uncles really enjoyed their cuddles with Freddy as he has become known. Today he also had his first bath, I got a chance to do it as Mummy was up and about after the cesarien but unable to hold a 7 pound wriggling baby quite yet. The bath went really well and he really need as we discovered both our boys ability to pee for distance.

We’re due to meet with the pediatrician again this evening to go over Jacques breathing. He is struggling harder this afternoon than he did this morning and his in-drawing of air is quite pronounced. We’ll  post an update later this evening or tomorrow.

[NOTE] I am updating the blog, after the events. I can tell you right now that it ends well. However, you may need some tissues at times. I’ve preferred Scotties with extra lotion, myself.