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It’s a Boy…. And Another Boy

Les Boys - 4 Minutes Old
Today we finally had our twins: And they’re Boys. Yup! Les Boys sont arrivés.

Frédéric Guillaume was born at 16h45 and weighed 7lbs even and Jacques Bernard was born only a minute later at 6lbs 3oz. Mum is doing very well and recovering nicely from the c-section. Freddy is feeding already and sleeping nicely next to me as I blog this while Jacques is spending a few extra minutes in the Easy-Bake Oven to make sure he works out this whole “Why’d you take me out of this nice warm place” issue.

I will blog more later… for now make sure you are on Flickr and have requested to be view my friends PhotoStream (just add me as your friend: Here are some of the pictures from the Set so far:

[UPDATE] And if you guys want to have a party in the comments please go ahead, we are checking the site often enough on the BlackBerry.

Scrubbed and Ready

Frederic Jacques


  • Barry Heathfield

    Hey JF, wow congratulations man – love to the family x

  • Sara Bacon

    Congratulations to you all, give our love & best wishes to Denise xxx

  • Jenn

    WOW……CONGRATS!!!! I am soo excited for you!! 2 Boys! (wow, was I off!) The house is now evenly split! They are gorgeous!!!! Give hugs to Denise! xoxo

  • Annie

    WOOHOO! Congratulations you guys! We are SO happy for you and can’t wait to meet the new Fortiers!

    Annie, Alain and Matthew

  • Rachael

    Wow, what great photos. We are so pleased for you and what a lovely surprise when you already have two girls! Hope Denise recovers quickly and what great weights, no wonder Denise was so big!

    Rachael, Mark, Emma and Hannah


  • Ben

    Hey JF and Denise! Great job and congratulations to all! Looking forward to meeting the Fortier clan later this year. Love and best wishes to all…

  • Jo

    congratulations to you all, so pleased everything is okay, two boys how wonderfull, keep me posted with lots of photos. love jo, craig, olivia and joshua.

  • Stephane

    This is great news! All of us are so ecstatic for you all! Looking forward to meeting the boys.

    You have new recruits to replace us on the 2fatdats site!

    Stéphane, Andrea, Caroline, Eric & Thomas

  • Steve

    Congratulations!!! Boys look great. You all look like you’re on cloud 9. We’re all very happy for you!! Looking forward to meeting them.

    -Steve & family

  • Schultzter

    Congratulations to all of you, the happy parents and the two big sisters!!! Looking forward to meeting our newest neighbours!

    Patsy, Eric, and Lindsay

  • Ann

    Congratulations to all of you!

    Glad everything went well. Hope Denise has a quick recovery. Tell her that it’s good to hear that you’re going with such solid British names :-)
    Hope to meet the twins soon and introduce them to “P3″. We’re still playing that waiting game you know so well!

    Ann, Dale, Aimée, Keira and “P3″

  • Eve-Marie

    Bundle of wishes for your 2 cute little bundles of joy!!

    Eve-Marie, Stéphane and Julien

  • Elizabeth

    I am a little late but Congratulations! What a beautiful family :)

    I read your other entry first. Wow – that must have been horrifying but I am so glad to read that Jacques is well on the way to recovery!

  • Terrie Le Blanc Bridge

    Just catching up on e-mail of the past few weeks. We have been away in Florida although I must have missed this before going away. In any event, what lovely news that you now have boys to go with the girls! They look very sweet and I know they are in great hands! Congratulations to all our very best wishes to Denise. It sounds like you went through quite a time with Jacques and was happy to know it all worked out. I know the Jewish General neo-natal unit very well as both Sarah and Jeremy spent time there. Jeremy was there for a few weeks as he had been premature and had a few issues himself before he could come home. It is a very emotional time for parents and it sounds like you can all do with a quiet time to recuperate and enjoy each other. Thanks for sending us news and keep in touch!