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January 17th, 2009:

Ville-Marie vue de Hogwarts

Ville-Marie vue de Hogwarts

Nestled on the side on Mount Royal in the heart of La Ville Marie that we call Montreal is this magical architechtural mashup that has now become know as the Royal Victoria Hospital.

The buildings have long been part of the McGill Univeristy grounds and never get more of glance from the regular patrons of the Pericval Molson Stadium, home of the Allouettes. Most have only ever seen the emergency entrance or the birthing centre. How did you even know that the hospital has it’s own outdoor pool? Or that Harry Potteresque turning staircases unite almost all of it’s buildings. Even the doctors who work there refer to it as Hogwarts, they even employ little men with beards to sit in certain corners and point lost souls in the right direction. Throughout the pregnancy of the twins we have had some pretty amazing adventures on these grounds and met some truly wonderful parents to be, some students doctors whom we wish will hold to their their empathy and some very very patient nurses.

Next time your in Montreal, go to the top of the mountain and then look down and think about how busy it gets in those tall glass building and remeber that all of that life start right here on this very hill.

This picture is made up from 7 shots taken from my Pentax k200d set to the Mountain setting with the Focal length set and 18mm,
Aperture set to f/11.0
ISO 100
Exposure Bias -2.0
Flash did not fire (it’s always funny to say that out loud)
Metering Mode Matrix

It was stitched together effortlessly on my work’s Dell (MacBook left at home) with Photoshop CS3′s File>Automate>Photemerge built in feature.The resulting image was 65 Megapixels and once composed, it was was then merged, flattened, cropped, resized and jpg’d. The only adjustment done was Photoshop’s auto level.

I hope you enjoy my entry for another great weekly project in the 2009 in Photos group.



This picture was part of my DoF in your Environment set that I went out to shoot at the park with the girls today. As usual, I was sticking the lens in everyone’s nose leaning over climbing frames and kneeling won next to slides and and other parc apparatus. The light was pretty good for a Saturday and the girls didn’t seem to mind the -20C weather. It was the first time either of them had been allowed to play outside all week. The schools won’t let them out when it’s too cold, fear of frostbitten white noses and fingers kind of brings that on. Well Dad doesn’t always know best, but I knew if didn’t take them out to the parc, it wouldn’t be the cold that would kill’em… :)

In our family, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. So I bundled them up like Michelin Men and gave Mum some peace for a little while. We stayed out almost an hour. And they loved it!