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January 16th, 2009:

Chasing Light!

Chasing Light!This was my entire day: Me Chasing Light.

I woke up to late to catch the sunrise.
I got my daughter to the bus stop too late to snap a good picture of her before she went to school.
I wasn’t able to drive by the lake or the airport runway in my way to work because I picked Danishes for the crew at work.
I missed all the good light play on the ice just before lunch.
I spent far too long fiddling with a projector before my afternoon presentation and got out of the office about 5 minutes too late to get any really cool purple pics of the sun setting.

In short I chased light all day and ended up with a nice picture of a tree and a glimpse of fleeting light.

Tomorrow I try harder…  Unless the twins decide to show up.

Ice Fog on the St-Laurent

Ice Fog on the St-Laurent

We had are last appointment downtown at the Hospital today before the twins are born, as it’s 30 below freezing in Canadian Money and the Sun is Shinning I had to bring the camera. Montreal Cabbis Have made a DecisionAnd I was all set to pick on of these from downtown. I especially liked the Cabbies view on Montreal, anyone ever having driven downtown would know why.

However as I was dropping Mrs LeCanuck back at the house, I saw a hint of this Ice Fog and had to follow it down to get a better look. Just goes to show that even on a cold day like today, when your bristles freeze to your nose, you can still grab a nice shot.

I like the way the light plays with the ice in the fore front of the picture. And feel free to check out the “30 Below” set and see what a hard decision is was to make.