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January, 2009:

Jacques & Dad Get Rushed to the NICU

Jacques is in the clear Friday night was not a very good night at all, the pediatrician came to see us in Denise’s room and told explained to us that Jacques had aspired some liquid from the delivery into his lungs and that his little body had spent the last two days fighting to expel it. In the process he worked himself up pretty badly and took in too much air. Because he was breathing in so much and not giving his body the time to exhale, some of the air in lungs had leaked into his chest cavity. This extra air was starting to create pressure around his lings and it his body was no longer able to get rid of it. Basically he was having suffering from something called a pneumothorax (the link takes you to a Wiki article). This was not very good at all. They had increased his oxygen level greatly to help him out but his body was now so tired from the marathon it had been running that it could no longer deal with what is essentially diving into the water after hyperventilating. He needed a lot more help than the Lakeshore could provide, our pediatrician was very good and he understood this early on, so he contacted the Montreal Children’s Hospital who found him a bed in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Jewish General Hospital. The Children’s also arranged for the transport.  So at 4:00 AM, they put Jacques inside a 100% pure Oxygen bag to stabilize the pressure in his chest and then rushed him downtown for what would likely be an intubation and  the insertion of a chest tube.


Jacques Battle – Day 1

Jacques Resting - Jan 30th Jacques had a rough night for his first night and he is trying to rest and build up some strength. It’s a lot of work for him to feed so the nurses inserted “Gavage” tube into his nose in order to get some food into his stomach and save him the effort of suckling away. The extra Oxygen helped him through the first half of the night, so they started to bring him down to room air to see if the saturation of oxygen in his blood would stay at 100% or very close to it. As he got closer and closer to room air (21% of O2) his breathing became harder and harder. So the doctors and nurses put him back on 40% O2 and eventually inserted and IV for antibiotics and fluids just as a precaution. The previous days fight to breathe on his own was catching up to him and now his lungs were having to run second marathon.

Courage mon petit Jacques, Courage!


It’s a Boy…. And Another Boy

Les Boys - 4 Minutes Old
Today we finally had our twins: And they’re Boys. Yup! Les Boys sont arrivés.

Frédéric Guillaume was born at 16h45 and weighed 7lbs even and Jacques Bernard was born only a minute later at 6lbs 3oz. Mum is doing very well and recovering nicely from the c-section. Freddy is feeding already and sleeping nicely next to me as I blog this while Jacques is spending a few extra minutes in the Easy-Bake Oven to make sure he works out this whole “Why’d you take me out of this nice warm place” issue.

I will blog more later… for now make sure you are on Flickr and have requested to be view my friends PhotoStream (just add me as your friend: Here are some of the pictures from the Set so far:

[UPDATE] And if you guys want to have a party in the comments please go ahead, we are checking the site often enough on the BlackBerry.

Scrubbed and Ready

Frederic Jacques


Fu! In the Year of the Ox!

Fu In the Year of The OX!

My partner at work got me this amazing Chinese calendar, which I have been twittering almost daily (follow @JohnnyCanuck) cause it’s just so damn funny. The calendar is from Hui Tack Wing Ginseng & Tea Inc and can be found in Montreal’s China Town. From what I can tell they are wishing every plenty of FU (luck, charm, prosperity: "all of the good things put together"). You might recall the 5 FU WA (mascots) from this summer’s Olympics. They are the babies of FU.

Gong Xi Fa Chai / Kung Hei Fat Choi

Have a great Year of the Ox!

Lachine PhotoWalk

Jan 20th 2009, President Barack Obama Takes Office Went on a photowalk down by the Lachine Canal yesterday at lunch with The Burg. We both got some ecellent shots. But the one thing that really surprised me was how two people can have completely different views of the same sunject and same walk.


Ville-Marie vue de Hogwarts

Ville-Marie vue de Hogwarts

Nestled on the side on Mount Royal in the heart of La Ville Marie that we call Montreal is this magical architechtural mashup that has now become know as the Royal Victoria Hospital.

The buildings have long been part of the McGill Univeristy grounds and never get more of glance from the regular patrons of the Pericval Molson Stadium, home of the Allouettes. Most have only ever seen the emergency entrance or the birthing centre. How did you even know that the hospital has it’s own outdoor pool? Or that Harry Potteresque turning staircases unite almost all of it’s buildings. Even the doctors who work there refer to it as Hogwarts, they even employ little men with beards to sit in certain corners and point lost souls in the right direction. Throughout the pregnancy of the twins we have had some pretty amazing adventures on these grounds and met some truly wonderful parents to be, some students doctors whom we wish will hold to their their empathy and some very very patient nurses.

Next time your in Montreal, go to the top of the mountain and then look down and think about how busy it gets in those tall glass building and remeber that all of that life start right here on this very hill.

This picture is made up from 7 shots taken from my Pentax k200d set to the Mountain setting with the Focal length set and 18mm,
Aperture set to f/11.0
ISO 100
Exposure Bias -2.0
Flash did not fire (it’s always funny to say that out loud)
Metering Mode Matrix

It was stitched together effortlessly on my work’s Dell (MacBook left at home) with Photoshop CS3′s File>Automate>Photemerge built in feature.The resulting image was 65 Megapixels and once composed, it was was then merged, flattened, cropped, resized and jpg’d. The only adjustment done was Photoshop’s auto level.

I hope you enjoy my entry for another great weekly project in the 2009 in Photos group.



This picture was part of my DoF in your Environment set that I went out to shoot at the park with the girls today. As usual, I was sticking the lens in everyone’s nose leaning over climbing frames and kneeling won next to slides and and other parc apparatus. The light was pretty good for a Saturday and the girls didn’t seem to mind the -20C weather. It was the first time either of them had been allowed to play outside all week. The schools won’t let them out when it’s too cold, fear of frostbitten white noses and fingers kind of brings that on. Well Dad doesn’t always know best, but I knew if didn’t take them out to the parc, it wouldn’t be the cold that would kill’em… :)

In our family, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes. So I bundled them up like Michelin Men and gave Mum some peace for a little while. We stayed out almost an hour. And they loved it!

Chasing Light!

Chasing Light!This was my entire day: Me Chasing Light.

I woke up to late to catch the sunrise.
I got my daughter to the bus stop too late to snap a good picture of her before she went to school.
I wasn’t able to drive by the lake or the airport runway in my way to work because I picked Danishes for the crew at work.
I missed all the good light play on the ice just before lunch.
I spent far too long fiddling with a projector before my afternoon presentation and got out of the office about 5 minutes too late to get any really cool purple pics of the sun setting.

In short I chased light all day and ended up with a nice picture of a tree and a glimpse of fleeting light.

Tomorrow I try harder…  Unless the twins decide to show up.

Ice Fog on the St-Laurent

Ice Fog on the St-Laurent

We had are last appointment downtown at the Hospital today before the twins are born, as it’s 30 below freezing in Canadian Money and the Sun is Shinning I had to bring the camera. Montreal Cabbis Have made a DecisionAnd I was all set to pick on of these from downtown. I especially liked the Cabbies view on Montreal, anyone ever having driven downtown would know why.

However as I was dropping Mrs LeCanuck back at the house, I saw a hint of this Ice Fog and had to follow it down to get a better look. Just goes to show that even on a cold day like today, when your bristles freeze to your nose, you can still grab a nice shot.

I like the way the light plays with the ice in the fore front of the picture. And feel free to check out the “30 Below” set and see what a hard decision is was to make.

No New Kings

No New Kings

It’s the Epiphany today, Feast of Kings, and at one point we thought we might be welcoming a few kings or queens into the family early. Turns out it was a false alarm. The top numbers are the heart beats and the strength of the contractions in Kpa