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October, 2008:

Trick or Treating in Valois

Halloween Trick or TreatingWe hit the streets of Valois tonight and scored us some CANDY!!! Seriously, the girls and their cousin Aria went Trick or Treating around our neighbourhood and we saw some pretty scary house as well as some pretty impressive pumpkins and decoration. I must admit that one of my favorites was this Iron Man pumpkinHalloween Trick or Treating. We ran into loads of friends on our travels and the girls were very good about going up one side of the street and then back down the other. Some of the house had really gone to town with the decoration. At one house the girls even had to go through an obstacle course of scary tunnels to get their loot. Armed with their little LED flashlights they all made it through without any fuss.  The girls scored way more candy than they can eat before Christmas and 

Junior Mints

I’m afraid that some of the really good stuff like the Coffee Crisp might just become subject to a Dad Tax.  As I was going through the bags of candy, checking for nasties as well as stuff I might just have to keep “cause it looks a little suspicious” I did come across the littlest box of Junior Mints. I never would have even looked twice at it if it wasn’t for iJustine’s infatuation with the little chocolates.

Pumpkin Carving 2008

Pumpkin Carving  with the GirlsWe finally managed to get ourselves a pumpkin, these two were form the market in Pointe-Claire Village. The girls drew the faces themsleves and although I cut out Madeleines pumpkin for her, she did scoop out all the “Boogers” from inside of it. Chloe wouldn’t even touch the insides but she did design and cut out the face herself.

Dad getting stuck in!

We should have more pictures online tomorrow of the girls in their costumes.

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Making the PHP Switch… Hello WordPress!

The 2 Fat Dads sites are going to be down this weekend with the slight exception of this blog which is hosted by Blogger (for the moment).

This is because we are making a move over to PHP after a very long relationship with ASP which became ASP 3 and eventually ASP Classic. Yes it means losing out on the awesome power of a very solid MS SQL server, but as all the sites ran off of the same database, it was becoming a real chore to manage the tables.

On the upside it will mean finally being able to adopt the awesome power of a superior PHP object oriented platform. It also means customised WordPress template and playing with the new generation of LAMP tools.

We hope to only be down for a short period over the course of the weekend, we apologise for the inconvenience and please don’t remove us from your Delicious bookmarks, blog rolls and Follow list.

We’ll Be Right  Back After This.

Autumn Walk in the Ile-Bizard Nature Parc

Ile Bizzard Marsh Walk

We went for a family walk in the Ile-Bizrd Nature Park. The weather was gorgeous and the ducks were out in their full glory. I took all these shots with the Samsung point and shoot I got from Xmas party draw a few years back. I had to play around with them a bit in iPhoto to tweak some of the exposure and temperature settings in order to make these photos look as much as what we saw with out eyes on the day. I didn’t really have a choice in the camera, our nice Fuji S5000 died of a fatal zoom error on our summer camping trip. We have been debating on whether to make the jump to full DSLR, but the I’m afraid the click through rate will have to go up quite a bit if I’m going to make any decision before the twins are born.

Hope you like the Photos! You can visit any of Montreal’s Nature Parks throughout the year. We bought a parking pass for cross country skiing at Cap St-Jacques which allows us to visit and park at any of the sites for free.