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Chloe’s Courage are 2008 U8F Soccer Champions

Courage U8F Champions 2008

Chloe and the girl’s of the Carolina Courage are the 2008 Under 8 Female Champions. The game was a nail biter against three of her very good friends on the New York Power: Elise, Patricia and Elizabeth. As John Motson would say: “In the end it’s a game of two halves and their has to be a winner and a loser, and today, the better team won.” The game could have gone either one, but half way through the first half, Gabby riccochet’ed a roller off of a few blue shin pads before rolling past the goalie and finding the back of a the net. The second half was fought with passion and grit as both teams struggled to find the net. Gabby, Jenny, Carmen and Paige all had great shots and Elisabteh and Kaninna (apologies for spelling) put up some solid defensive moves and were able to shut down the strong Courage offence. As the ref blew the final whislte, the Courage bench was cleared and the celebrations ensued.

More pictures to come…