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September, 2008:

Chloe’s Courage are 2008 U8F Soccer Champions

Courage U8F Champions 2008

Chloe and the girl’s of the Carolina Courage are the 2008 Under 8 Female Champions. The game was a nail biter against three of her very good friends on the New York Power: Elise, Patricia and Elizabeth. As John Motson would say: “In the end it’s a game of two halves and their has to be a winner and a loser, and today, the better team won.” The game could have gone either one, but half way through the first half, Gabby riccochet’ed a roller off of a few blue shin pads before rolling past the goalie and finding the back of a the net. The second half was fought with passion and grit as both teams struggled to find the net. Gabby, Jenny, Carmen and Paige all had great shots and Elisabteh and Kaninna (apologies for spelling) put up some solid defensive moves and were able to shut down the strong Courage offence. As the ref blew the final whislte, the Courage bench was cleared and the celebrations ensued.

More pictures to come…

Dyson DC25: The MacBook of Vacuum Cleaners

From Dyson DC25

Everyone knows that I am a little obsessed with quality electronics goods. I love my Apple gear: MacBook, iPod, Airport Base Stations, my Acoustic Research speakers are old but still sound awesome, I still love my and often use my Beyer Dynamics DT770 pro headphones for my audiophilia. And although I don’t have a big screen TV for the PS2 (incumbent Wii), it is only a matter of time before the basement wall gets adorned with 65 inches on hot liquid plasma.

So it should come as no surprise that our little Dirt Devil vacuum cleaner that was generously donated to us by my little bro decided to pack it in, we would inevitably look into a vacuum cleaner any geek would love. Bypassing Hoover all together, we went straight to the next best thing to some out of England since the Mini Cooper S and Jonathan Ive: The Dyson. We first saw the Dyson about ten years ago and simply laughed: “a $2000 yellow Hoover with no bag?” It just seems completely over engineered and the design was just just so pretentious: “Hey look at me I can afford to drop 2G on a Hoover!” I had nothing against it’s cleaning power, a very good friend spent a few summers selling Kerby’s for about the same price so I understood where this machine would position itself. But still it just seemed like such a silly looking machine. Not to mention that James Dyson himself always looked like he belonged on the deck of the Death Star along side Lord Vader. He has one of those Berkshire/Oxfordshire accents that you just want to pummel with the fat end of a Cambridge / Oxford roaring oar. Yet, like another egomaniac Tech genius for Cupertino California, you just can’t help but listening to him and then really liking everything he has to say. Dyson’s landmark battle against Hoover who turned their noses at Dyson’s bagless cyclonic wonder and then systematically cloned his devices (Hoover lost big time) is not far removed from Apple own journey with the Macintosh and iPods.

Both the Dyson vacuum cleaner and the Apple computers are superior products than anyone else in their field and sure they cost more but once you use them, even for a few minutes, you know exactly why you should pay top dollar for them. So when we got home from the mall yesterday, we ceremoniously unpacked the Dyson DC25 and tested it out on a small 5 x 8 foot living room rug. We had vacuumed this rug only a couple of days ago and we were in shock at how much dust and dirt were ripped out of the rug. After the initial embarrassment brought on from realising that we are essentially pigs in a blanket, our purchase was forever justified in our minds and we then proceeded to vacuum the whole house. The bottom line is that this Dyson really SUCKS! And we love it already.

From Dyson DC25
From Dyson DC25


“Yup we are slobs, but the Dyson makes sure no one else wll ever know”

Hockey Night In Canada – The Republic of Peach entry

The CBC embedded Flash has been removed because of issue in the way that the CBC was embedding their flash player. To hear Mike’s version of the Hocky Night in Canada song go to his MySpace page.


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