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Sitting on my Deck on Valois Bay

Sitting on my Deck on Valois Bay

This is my raised patio project that I decided to take on this year as well as the Wendy House. 2009 will be a little too hectic for new projects so I’m trying to squeeze any major work before the end of the fall rather than scramble year or pay over the top to get someone else to do it.

This floating deck is a raised patio resting on 12 paving slabs and using no metal decking hardware, only screws and a bit of glue were used. The wood is pressure treated and come from and area that was cleared for a Hydro Quebec project. I first discovered this lumber at Home Depot but it now appears to be an ever more popular alternate and LOCAL source of lumber. Just to make my buddy Steph happy, we used 994 galvanized screws, the power used to drive the screws also came from Hydro Quebec!

  • Steph

    Only 994 screws?!? It wont hold up….

    Seriously, great job on the deck, not only does it look good, its level enough to get drunk on and not lose your footing, thats something to write about.