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New Lodgers on Valois Bay

When we woke up Wednesday day we had some new lodgers at the house. So in looked into it with The Great White North rental board and if we don’t evict them soon, they could claim squatters rights. We had removed another nest only a few days earlier using work gloves but they came back. This time we just used our hands. Our wretched “Human” stench should keep them away this time.

I was really impressed with the quality of work these birds did in a short amount of time.

  • Schultzter

    Freaky! We got a birds nest in the back under the eaves; but right next to the front door – that’s not gonna be good!

  • Scott Davis

    They might claim sqatters rights but we can always heckle them until they leave…thanks to your pic, we now know that Mr and Mrs Bird live at 96 Feather Lane app#2!

    Still…Nature in action is always a purty sight.