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April, 2008:

Chloe’s Spring Ballet Class ’08

Every year, about a month before the Annual Ballet Show, the parents are invited to watch a ballet class and see the progress the dancers have made throughout the year. As usual, we either run out of batteries or leave one of the cameras at home. We still haven’t upgraded from the 8mm PAL Sony HandyCam we got at our wedding so we take these terrible videos from phones or the still camera. Of course there is no zoom and we we don’t sit in the best position to take the video in the first place so the results are in the movie you see above.

With all that in mind let me tell you what you will see above. Chloe and her friends are dancing some basic moves. The teacher, Catherine, calls out exercises and the girls and boys carrying them out to an accompanying piano. There are three separate sequences in this video, the second one is the sequence three of the dancers had to perform for the Royal Ballet exam they attended during the week. It was fun to see how much Chloe has progressed this year, she really enjoys the annual show but her classical ballet skills have really improved this year. We are very proud of her and although you can’t really tell from the video quality she is dancing really well. Bravo! Chloe Bravo!

Obsessive Compulsive Recycler

If my friend Steph was a chick, this would be him!

It All Starts with the Danish

I have very few little pleasure in my life. You know those little things that you treat yourself that you make you feel good all day long. My one little pleasure that really makes my work day is when I treat myself to Tim Horton’s coffee and cherry danish. I personally consider coffee to be my fuel through the work day, but whenever I really want that little extra touch, I get my self a cherry danish.

Well today I had the shock of my life when I ask for a cherry danish to go with my large 2X milk and they gave me the one in the above picture. It’s no longer a moist well wrapped ample serving of cherry and cheese filling. Instead, the pastry is hard, the cherry and cheese filling look like they have been rationed, and they haphazardly covered it with some icing sugar. SIGH…

This is the what they used to serve up (it’s the one on the top):