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Too much public, too little transit

My buddy Eric has had a letter published in the Old Media: Montreal Gazette:

Too much public, too little transit
Published: Monday, December 24 2007

The problem with public transport in Montreal is that there is more public than transport.

Last Wednesday I waited 45 minutes in the cold and blowing snow for the 168 bus that is supposed to run every 30 minutes (I should have waited 10 minutes). This morning, after a 20-minute wait during rush hour a bus drove by too full to stop. Ten minutes later another overloaded bus drove by. And finally, after I had waited for 35 minutes during the morning rush hour, a bus stopped that was able to accommodate some, but not all, of the passengers waiting.

Until availability and reliability are significantly increased we will always prefer to take our cars. I know I’ll be back in mine as soon as possible.

Eric Schultz
Pointe Claire

I am afraid I agree with Eric, I live 6 km from work. My morning transit to work would consist of two buses and an hour of commuting. As it stands I take my car which only has a smaller engine, only has to cover 6Km and only take 9 minutes. Of Course I see clients, pick up the kids and run errands at times. But I would take public transit if it wasn’t so Bass Ackwards!