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January, 2008:

Hot Chocolate at the Chateau Goyer

As posh as it sounds, Chateau Goyer is the café at Cap St-Jacques were you can enjoy some cocoa after an afternoon ski. The place is fantastic in that is basically looks like the Griffindor Common room (Harry Potter ref).

We had a great afternoon and Chloé managed to ski 4km. Her skiing is getting much better and her glide has really improved. The best part of it all is that she really enjoys the time we’re spending outside.

New Ski Swag

I just got some new Swag from work today and for once it's one of the coolest tech/sport pieces I have goptten over the past few years. As you can surely tell it's 1.5L bladder bag and a few extra pockets for a first aid kit, wax gear, glasses, a sweater, and some snacks.

Guess I'll have to test it out his weekend at on Le Castor at Cap St-Jacques.

Too much public, too little transit

My buddy Eric has had a letter published in the Old Media: Montreal Gazette:

Too much public, too little transit
Published: Monday, December 24 2007

The problem with public transport in Montreal is that there is more public than transport.

Last Wednesday I waited 45 minutes in the cold and blowing snow for the 168 bus that is supposed to run every 30 minutes (I should have waited 10 minutes). This morning, after a 20-minute wait during rush hour a bus drove by too full to stop. Ten minutes later another overloaded bus drove by. And finally, after I had waited for 35 minutes during the morning rush hour, a bus stopped that was able to accommodate some, but not all, of the passengers waiting.

Until availability and reliability are significantly increased we will always prefer to take our cars. I know I’ll be back in mine as soon as possible.

Eric Schultz
Pointe Claire

I am afraid I agree with Eric, I live 6 km from work. My morning transit to work would consist of two buses and an hour of commuting. As it stands I take my car which only has a smaller engine, only has to cover 6Km and only take 9 minutes. Of Course I see clients, pick up the kids and run errands at times. But I would take public transit if it wasn’t so Bass Ackwards!