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There Goes The Property Valuation

OK So I completely Chevy Chase out and got an 8 foot tall inflatable Frosty the Snowman for the front yard. This thing has got to be the biggest piece of bling/kitch/chintz I have ever bought and it even lights up at night too. I do have a few other other lights around the door and railings, but I have to be careful this year as we only have 100 amps coming into the house. Who knows next year I might go all Tim Taylor à la Home Improvement and put a landing strip on the roof for the Reindeer.

That is still one of my favourite episodes/

  • Schultzter

    Whenever there’s a game on you should turn him around so he’s looking in the window – and put a Canadiens jersey on him (or something like that).

  • Johnny Canuck

    That is such a good idea, now all I need is a Lazy Suzanne and weather proof servo I can wire up to a remote. I feel another trip to Canadian Tire might be in the books.