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So the girls have a snow day which is just as well because we got dumped with 40cm over the past couple of days. Madeleine has had an asthma episode so I'm working from home in case Denise needs to take her back to the doctor's. Problem is we can't even get out of our own driveway as you can see.

Also have a look at this snow pile across the street, isn't that just insane. It's higher than the street signs. And the snow is now at the same level as the office window. Guess I'll be working lunch with a shovel. At one point I'm either going to have find the lens to my glasses that I lost on the driveway or head out to the Mall and get some glasses cause my back ups are so bad it's like looking through frosted windows and I can't wear my contacts to look at the laptop screen for very long. It's still not as bad as when I had a CRT, but it's not ideal when you work in web development.

Sam across the street lent us his big scoop which is basically a 2 foot square shovel you can only push. Well we managed to clear the driveway and get the cars started. As they say: “Mon pays ce n’est pas un pays, c’est l’hiver!”

  • Schultzter

    It’s almost as bad around the corner on Elmwood – ‘cept the snow plows don’t come as often so most of our snow is still on the street!