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Habs trounce Leafs @ the Bell Centre

Last night we sat in row C of section 121 to see the Habs finally break their 7 game losing streak at home. And what better team to beat up on than the lackluster Leafs. Somehow Le Canadien were able to capitalise on every Toronto mistake and score on it. From a lucky deflection off a Leaf skate in the crease to give Saku his first of two goals in a long time (17 games I think) to Andrei Kostytsin's innocent looking hit on McCabe which left the defender with a broken wrist and led to Kovalev 17Th goal of the year.

It was a great night and I had the pleasure of enjoying Montreal's homecoming with man responsible for my love of the fastest game on Ice, my Dad. Although, I will admit he wasn't too impressed with the BB 8130 Pearl as a camera, ad you can tell by look on his face, but trust me he enjoyed the game as much as I did.

A big thank you goes out to Doug for the tickets. The were very well appreciated.