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October, 2007:

That’s a lot of Pumpkin Pie

The Pumpkin House

There’s a house on Mayfield in Pointe-Claire that does some pretty cool and scary stuff for Halloween, but I must say that this period house in West Virginia takes the cake.

The Toddlers Song

If Madeleine were a boy, this video would be her. The song is hysterical and you don’t even have to be a parent to find it funny.

Thanks to Eric for sending it in.

I Finally Made It To The CN Tower

Ok, so it only took 35 years to get there. But I finally made it to the CN Tower. Still didn’t make it up to the top though. I had to catch a flight from Toronto City Airport so after a short cab ride I was sipping espresso’s with Stephane Dion MNA and other snooty exec types.

At first I couldn’t think of M. Dion’s name so I snapped his pick and sent out an e-mail from the Treo to get some feedback for the Wack Pack. Ben pulled through under and offered this caption:
“Looks like (notwithstanding the picture quality) Stephane Dion, MLA, PLC leader.

The gentleman with his back to us is obviously Bill Haugland, television personnality.

The diminutive man with the black suitcase is Li Duc Minh To, engineer
and all around nice guy.

The woman sitting on the right is Natalya Oleskova Petrenko, ex-KGB and
now aide to the Russian Consulate in Canada.

The guy with the blue suitcase is Thomas F. McCoy and I don’t wanna talk
about him.

Waldo is also there, he’s behind the column.”

Shhh don’t tell the Irish about this Head of Guinness

I know, I know… It's a travesty