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September, 2007:

17 Other Uses for Tennis Ball

We had a to buy tennis balls for the bottom of the Chloe’s chair at school. This makes a teacher’s like a little easier when 25 little 7-8 year olds suddenly get for recess. Well this site has some great ideas for other things you can do with tennis balls. Two of my faves is the Super Screwdriver and the Dryer Fluffer. Here’s another good tip on where to get the tennis balls pre-cut and in sets of 4 rather than 3 so you don’t have to buy 2 sets of 3 and then discard 2 balls.

Do It Yourself – Jon Eakes

This book is awesome, I have already used it about twenty times and has already saved me a load of hassle not to mention money. Check it out.

Al initiates me with my own Tool Belt

I was so moved by Al's gift to me this saturday. The belt is awesome and already filled with toys… Oops I mean tools. He also bought me a copy of Jon Eakes "Do It Yourself" (Chapters details to come). Thanks again Al.

Surfers break wave record and speak out on global warming

Seventy-one surfers have set the new world record for riding one wave simultaneously in South Africa and speak out on global warming.

Newsround’s Ellie Crisell reports.