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August, 2007:

200 meter long spider web found in Texas

200 meter long spider web found in Texas

This is a cool story that Steve posted on Digg so I had to post here too. I like spiders for killing flies and squeeters and also for giving Peter Parker his powers and all that but this story has me more than a little creeped out.
Steve added “yeah, social spiders. what if they get really organised…”

This is just too much like the movie Arachnobia… I wonder if social spiders have subversive sub cultures or if younger spiders rebel and web-grafitti by up or doing tight donuts circle instead of across the patterns like the other spiders.

Chloé Fortier : 8 & Under MIP

Last night, we went to the Valois Pool Award's Night. This is the end of year award's ceremony for the swim team, diving, syncro, and water polo. Chloé had a great first summer in the swim team and had some awesome races too. Most of all she had a lot of fun swimming with her friends and in the process learnt backcrawl and finally started to swim with her face in the water for front crawl. I went to see her one lunch time during practice and was so surprised to see her doing crunches and sit ups as well as swimming all the way across the pool without hanging onto the ropes every five feet . So you can imagine my surprise when they award her with most improved swimmer for 8 & Unders girls. We're all really proud of you Chloé, way to go!

more pics to come.

Steph gets a perm

Steph came around for dinner and the girls decided to do his hair for him. Kids don't try this at home.

Marvel at the awesomenous of the Oka-Hudson ferry!

On our way back from the Super Aqua Club at Pointe-Calumet, we opted for the ferry to Hudson to avoid trffic on the 640/13. I have taken this ferry more than a few times and have always been lucky enough to bring along somebody who has never bee on such a small ferry. Let's be honest it's floating dock that is tugged and then pushed around by a pimped out 20 year old river boat. It really is an amazing $8.00 water ride.

Chocolate Rain

I have no idea why this is so addictive, it just is.