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June, 2007:

Rock Climbing with Chloé and her Freinds.

The second instructor never showed up at Patricia's rock climbing party. Luckily I had brought my harness and accreditation card with me so I helped the kids with their climbing. Chloé is a lot easier to belay the Brian but probably needs as much coaching ;-) . In the end the kids had a blast and it was fun watch them go.

Happy Birthday Chloé

Cake a GrandMaman's House

A Strong Finish for Chloé

Chloé had her first real race tonight in 8 and under Freestyle. She placed a strong 6th for Valois in her heat against Montreal Ouest. We're really proud of you Chloé

A Weekend on the Trailgator

What a great weekend to be cycling around Valois and Lakeside Heights. We headed out to Julie's for Mom and Dad's 40th wedding anniversary BBQ on the bikes. It started off well but I got a puncture less than 500 metres from the house. Which was a real shame. However I did manage to patch the tire and we were ok to head back after dinner, swim and some apple bobbing.

Today we chilled out in the morning and then cycled to Valois Pool, Chloe made it all the way on her own. She had a great time swimming and going off the diving boards. It was her first time on the boards, she did well to off without having to be dropped. On the way back we took all the cycle paths and even went offroad through Terra Cota, trailgator, bike buggy and all. It was a little tougher that we all thought it would but is was a real blast.

The summer is looking out to be a good one. Check back for more Trailgator Adventures.

Planet Fortier on the go

So we're mobile now. Just test this post from the Treo 700p. We took this picture at the EPPC School Fête, it was a fun evening. Hopefully there will more posts like this as well as some more traditional ones.

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