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April, 2007:

Endless Pools

I love swimming, always have, there is something about flowing through water that is simply therapeutic and exhilarating. When I was a kid, I would regularly spend up to 5 to 6 hours a day in the water. You probably don’t know this, but you spend that long in the water, you can’t breathe properly when you get out: it hurts to take deep breathes and you are forced to cough. It sucks really but getting to spend hours bouncing around the bottom of the pool pretending your Spider-Man or Superman is sure worth. I was about 7 or 8 when first saw the guys from NASA practice their Zero-G EV Suit moves in pools. That was it for me I was gonna be a astronaut if I could only hold my breathe long enough.

Anyway this pool is probably the only way to regain some of than magic and get the old DPS numbers down again without having to get up and 5:00 am to get 20 minutes in an Olympic pool. Shame it’s about $20,000.00 USD.

SSiD Stories

This is a cool thing that I have done a few times except that my main drive everyday just seems to be an ad for North America’s largest ISP: Linksys. But seriously, if you have a laptop with Netstumbler or KisMAC or even a Pocket PC with WiFiFofum running while you commute or drive around your neighbourhood, you’ll definately come across some cool SSiD‘s. Drive around for long enough and you could probably find a name for your band or the core characters for your next novel.

BTW Massless is a great blog from Chris Wetherell, one of the guys working on the Google Reader project. Google Reader is a web scraper service from Google, I have started using it myself. The one area that screen scraping comes in really handy is it’s ability to reformat text for use on Mobile device, on the iPAQ, I used to use Avantgo, but it was such a hog as it stored the page off line. Now that I use a BlackBerry, being able to see a live site in a mobile device friendly format is just as important but it also means I don’t have to give 8Mb of storage space to view old news.

All this to say, Chris’ blog is a good read and the Reader project is pretty neat.