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December, 2005:

Sophie Pollock

Sophie Pollock

Sophie José Pollock was born on the 1rst of December, 2005, weighing a very healthy 9lbs 4oz and sporting and full head of hair. Mom and Dad are doing and well and Mathieu is very proud to be a big brother.

We went to see her on Friday night, she is lovely and calm and the smile on Julie’s face was enough to tell all that she was happy to have had a girl. I can not beleive GrandMa José managed to keep the sex a secret this whole time. Well hopefully we will have a enough pictures to post Sophie’s very own album page.

Faithless LIVE @ the BIC

Hi, thought I would send you a little gig report on Faithless.

After a fairly crap gig the previous week when I saw Alice Cooper, I needed some one decent to restore my faith in live performances & who better than Faithless. Got to the BIC in time for the first support, a girl called CASS, just recently signed by Rollo this year to cheeky records. A good signing by all accounts, excellent voice & worth me ordering her debut cd.

Next support is a band that’s been around a while, called Crazy Penis (However they have dropped the Penis recently & are also known as crazy P, no guesses why ?) Anyway with beer or two I settled down on the floor on the far wall with a good view of the Stage. Yep they were good too, kind of a mix between Scissor sisters & Kosheen, so after being told off by the security guard for smoking I decided to make my way to the front, if for no other reason to have a cig in peace. Anyway glad I did as they did a Candy Staton cover of You got the Love, which is a track I really like & seem to be hearing a lot recently for some reason?

So back to the bar via the toilet, for the inevitable mad scrum for a beer before Faithless & then the barging & foot stepping on to get back in front of the stage for a good view, made the more difficult as you have a beer in each hand now as you can’t be arsed to go through that scrum again at the bar.

Track 1 – Insomnia & managed to lose around a third from each pint in the hysteria, Sound & lights just brilliant & they continued through a back catalogue of greatest hits & I am glad to say most of the new album No Roots. They of course did the favorites “God is a DJ” & “We Come one”, but the tracks that stood out for me was “I want more Part I & Part II”, “Love lives on my street”, “Miss you less, see you more” & “Swingers” all from No Roots. However my favourite track that just blew me away was “Take the long way home” from Sunday 8pm.

So as usual they seemed to have reached the encore after what seemed like 20 mins & they came back with a wicked dance jam session before going into “Betty Boo”. They reserved the last track for what else “Salva Mea” & by far the best live version of this anthem I have heard yet – respect!

So time to go home all hot & sweaty & I realised that I didn’t even take my sweater off at all during Alice Cooper & felt a bit chilly at the end of the show :-)