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September, 2005:

Pearl Jam Rocks Montreal

Ok just got back from the Pearl Jam concert at the Bell centre with Mike. I will have a full review later on in the morning but for now here is what I could make of the play list. As usual Eddie did an acoustic number before the opening band which was Sleater-Kinney (what ever you don’t call them a girl band)

So Pearl Jam then:
release me
Last Exit
Save You
Eddie talk about Johnny ramones passing away last year and deicates the next song to him.
Light Years
Given to Fly
Love Boat Captain – Which Eddie dedicates to the down fall of President Bush
Better Man
Even Flow
In My Tree
Do the Evolution
tribute to the Ramones with 2 off their songs
Man of the Hour
Harvest Moon with full credit to Canada’s Neil Young “the Grandfather of Grunge”
wrong side
very long Crazy Mary medley including snippets of Jeremy
Mentions how Fr*&king big our country is and thank the band.
Whipping, Drown
Baba O’riley
Teenage wasteland
Closes with full lights on
Yellow Ledbetter

I am sure loads of these are wrong, but I just wanted to them out of head and on the web so Mike can have a look at it tomorrow and tell me what the real order was. He is by far the better Pearl Jam fan between the two of us.

Anyway thanks again for an awesome birthday present Bro.

–Morning Update—

Man I can’t believe how close I was from the actual playlist. I have now officially bought the bootleg and compared the track listing to what I had jotted down in SMS text messages. They don’t mention Teenage Wasteland, bought I definitely heard it. Man did that song rock.

Overall the concert was unbelievable, the sound was awesome, the set was basic yet so cool right down to the dayglo stars and stripes with skull hiding behind the screens of Jeff Ament’s amps fo rthe. I have been to a few concerts this year like REM , The Trgaically Hip, NikelBack, Coldplay and now Pearl Jam, and I have to admit that Pearl Jam is tops with Coldplay for completely opposite reasons.

Coldplay focused on their new album heavily, which is such a credit for X&Y which is stocked full of awesome songs. Pearl Jam, on the other hand, have an album out in January and can therefore test new stuff out while having the perfect opportunity to play some of the best stuff in their back catalogue. Two years ago, they did quite a bit off of the newer material. I think it is so cool when a band that is producing such great new music all the time can do a 29 song show and play so much older material as well as the extras from the Ramones and Neil Young.

Mike is off to Ottawa tonight to see them again, I wish I was going with him, but I can live with my memories and bootleg for another year.