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November, 2004:

Whitesnake Live at the Southampton Guildhall

One of my best friend saw Whitesnake on Saturday Night (27/11/2004) at the Southampton Guildhall in Hampshire, UK. He g-mailed me his review and I wet myself laughing at so much I had to ask to him if I could post on the site. Well sure enough he agreed and as I was putting the page together I though to myself that readers should get to see who wrote the article so I started routing through the pics and came across this one of him on normal Saturday Night out: Finaly "Velma" Love.

Needless to say the thought of a 6foot 2inch Velma from the Scooby Gang at various gigs across the South of the England was just too tempting to pass up. So pleeaaaaase stop by and read his review. It really is funny even with out the Velma get up, and don’t be shy to use the webmail form to send him your comments, I have made sure that he gets a copy of every single one of them and I’ll probably post the funniest ones up there as well. Well I’m off to see the Tragically Hip on Wednesday: Second row seats, center stage. Should be awesome, I will be posting my review as well. I can assure you that there will be no orange jumpers in the second row of the Bell Centre in Montreal .

Touch Typing or Key Pecking

I have been using a keyboard for over 22 years now and I am self
confessed key pecker. I can usually get some pretty good speed out of
it too. The only problem is that when I make a mistake I am so
focussed on the keybaord that I don’t notice it until four or five
words later. What I would like to be able to do is be able to keep my
eyes on the screen so I can get more work done and spend less time
making sure that what is on the screen is making sense.

Beleive it or not that last paragraph took close to a half an hour to
write. So today I finally folded in admit that I can not type and went
out and bought Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing. I know, I know it sounds
weak but you be surprised at what just a few lessons can do to help
improve technique.

Well I’ll Blog some more later, right now I need to concentrate on
some serious telly, somethinf is a foot in Smallville… Again.

New Servers For Planete Fortier

It’s been a while since I last blogged. We had some problems with our server in the United Kingdom which mostly reliabilty and speed of service. I am rather annopyed because I have been a strong supporter of local business for long time but in some cases, especially this one, it really is better to move on to bigger host that has dedicated support staff and native support for databases. This new site is still being run by an Access DB, although I am looking at porting it to MySQL very soon. Mostly I am annoyed at losing .uk but the local company I was using where asking for the same amount that both and as well as two years of server hosting. Mad isn’t it? I won’t go into too many details because this blog was not intended to be a flame about the old ISP.

Another big change that has kept me away from that blog, was the birth of my daughter Madeleine and the start of my new job not necessarily in that order. Madeleine is about 2 and a half months old now and is a real little sweetheart. We have been real lucky as she sleeps real well at night. Chloe has been great with her and not jealous at all, she really loves her little sister and is a great help looking after her.

On the job front I am now working on the web fulltime again for a great company Motorola E-store, CBCI Telecom a major Bell Mobility and audio video reseller, andthe Aliant Mobilty e-store in Atlantic Canada are just to name a few.

So hopefully I will be a little more consistent with my blogging. One thing that I am really excited about is the launch of Firefox 1.0. With all this extra space, I might tust join the Spread Firefox Campaign and make the browser available here for download to. More on that later.